Week 1-Week 2 : Broadchurch case study

  • Opening scene Analysis

Broadchurch is a British Thriller for TV about a child murder that occurs in a small town. 2 detectives are hired to solve the case, it stars David Tenant and Olivia Colman.


  • Analysis

The first couple of shots of the first 10 minutes contains landscape shots mood atmopheres, dramatic music quickly switching the genre into a lighter mood as the first few scenes go from moody thriller to happy sweet drama. After the first couple of suspensfull and mysterious shots of a boy standing beside a cliff, staring at the sea and shots of the town. The following day we get a positive vibe from the series . We get a look at the everyday routine the town of Broadchurch goes through, where people wake up go to work and kids go to school. We meet a Family in which we see the dad played by Andrew Buchan goes to walk his way to work saying hello to the community of Broadchurch walking past stores buying the newspaper drinking coffee, we get a glimpse of the characters who will be relevant later on in the series. Meanwhile the mother of the family packs snacks for the kids, however one has gone missing. After a few shots of introducing other characters including one of the lead protagonists played by Olivia Colman. We get a sequence on which the mother played by Jodie Whittaker a kids soccer game getting increasingly suspicious over the fact of where her son could be since she hasn’t seen him the entire day.

From this point the atmosphere changes from peaceful  to uncomfortable mood piece. Later on it is discovered that a dead body had been found at the beach. It is then that we discover that the dead victim is the missing son. There is no cloudy weather to build a depressing mood instead the sky is blue making the series even more disturbingly sinister representing a compelling series with bleak outcomes that stands somewhere between Twin Peaks and a French Mini series called Zodiaque…..

Nothing is at seems in the opening sequence of Broadchurch. It is focused primarily on a mood piece rather than shoving an in your face dialogue oriented fast pacing ride. It’s more of a slow burn taking it’s time representing it’s characters



  • Target audience

The series of Broadchurch is aimed for a widespread audience both conventional and unconventional it’s something to be shown to a much younger audience but definitely a source of pure entertainment even though the subject matter is bleak it’s dazzling and compelling to watch suitable for a mature audience.

  • Social

The World in which Broadchurch is trying to depict is a realistic take of ever day life gone wrong and the emotional outcomes of any single sinister action that takes place.

Their is a message in Broadchurch that is trying to say this can happen to anyone.  The idea of a much more innocent town in comparison to major cities or more well known grittier towns in England makes the story of Broadchurch more sinister because it’s saying that sometimes the lost of innocence is often Ugly to watch.

  • Political

Broadchurch presents itself as a world of innocence and it’s focus on every day life in a British middle class town.  But the sudden shift of child murder and the obssession of the press exposing it on the news.  In a way the political aspect of the series describes the fear of people and the unknown of what they can do to one another.

In the first episode after the murder of a child the obsession of the media becomes grand and begins to intrude in the investigation.

  • Chronological

What has gone before the genre.

In previous genres of Broadchurch which is marked as a dramatic thriller in the vain of a David fincher’s work and other TV series like Gracepoint, endeavor, the fall, Wallander, Lewis, The Bletchley Circle, Marcella, River and others more…


The Technology that will affect the production

Broadchurch is not a series in which it’s plot and themes rely on technology.

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Week 1-Week 2 : Broadchurch case study

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