Unit 12 week 1: Personal music question and answer notes

  • Your childhood and music you listened as a child ?

When i was a kid i used to listen to movie scores. Including the theme from Robin hood and Disney Pixar movies like the original Toy Story.  But if there was a song that stood out to me till this day when i was around 4 was a song called high by Lighthouse family. I would listen to the themes of Harry Potter, Spider man and others. Rock and all the great artists of that time which were in the late 90’s early 2000’s i wasn’t really aware of and did’t catch my interest until much later on.




  • What was your favorite music and artist you listen to as a child ?

High by Lighthouse family.




  • What was the first CD you had and listen to ?

I don’t really remember the full title but it was something like TV express in which all the songs were from themes of TV in England from the 60’s, 70’s and 80s.



  • Did your parents influenced your taste in music or who did ? What is the story behind ?

They partially did, My dad less so than y Mum.Because he was into John Lennon and David Bowie and still is. Those singers i didn’t thought they were really good.  My mother was into European music but also Pet shop boys and so forth. My interest in music was a more independant approach. It was the songs put in movies that influenced me the most.



  • What was the music you listened to in your early teens and who were your influences?


80’s music like Blondie, Michael Jackson, Billy Ocean, New Order, early 90’s rap like Ice cube.  This was all because of Rockstar games and Grand Theft Auto.


  • What was your favorite music video at the time and why ?

Still is to this day Alizee Moi Lolita. I fall in love with Alizee every time i watch the video because it’s super romantic and sexy.




  • Is there an interesting story or anecdote from your teen time influenced by music you listened to ?

When I was in College in France i was with a group of friends who were deeply inspired by the gangster rap of 50 cent, 2 ac, Eminem etc and we would copy there attitudes and listen consistently their music.


  • Has your taste in music changed now and what kind of music you listen to now ?

I despise commercials songs of today, i have to bear the trash they put on in Clubs. But i search for more older music which i think is better than modern day music experimental, independant, motivational music that i can visualize for a movie sequence. But i like all sorts of genres of music but i don’t really pay attention to the lyrics and make just sure if i like the sound of the song being played.


  • Who are your favorite music artists and why ?

Leftfield because they play electronic music but have a deep atmosphere in each song that feels original unique and dreamy other world like.



  • What does music mean to you and purpose does it serve in your life ?

Music is huge source of inspiration for me to have an idea for movies and stories and sequences. It helps jogg without stopping and think of thinks better and clearer.




Music is one of the main influences in my life and for this reason my research topic will be research around music.



Unit 12 week 1: Personal music question and answer notes

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