2017 in film. Silence review 4/5


Ok the first film i see in cinemas this year is a late one because i saw this one 2 weeks ago and haven’t bothered to analyse it and it’s a film made by arguably my favorite film director which is none other than the legendary Martin Scorsese. Here he goes art house making a passion of his since 1990, the sort likely to found in the criterion collection. Miles away of anything he is usually known for including Hugo, there is no loud brash rock’roll intrusive gimmie shelter song playing in display while the camera zooms and swings and dazzles in an exhilarating format, no Dicaprio or Deniro. and the editing is a hell of a lot more slower even if it is Thelma Schoonmaker 5 the greatest editor alive at the moment) doing the cutting, it dosen’t feel Scorsese at all. The film is indeed a genre that Marty has explored before with The Last Temptation of Christ and Kundun but even those films had noise and an ounce of radical brashness in his more known work like Goodfellas and Casino. 2 Christian Portuguese Missionaries that is Spider Man and Kylo Ren head to Japan in order to find their mentor priest played by Oskar Schindler or in blockbuster standards Qui gon Jinn. From this point the film echoes the works of Kurosawa and Ozu as the 2 priests begin to discover a world of fear and torment as the religion they believe in and a handful of poor old Japanese bees will be tested to extreme lengths to see how much they believe in god, this means crucifixion, decapitation and psychological torture and it’s cold unsentimental and brutal and occasionally powerful to watch, hell there is a Japanese Judas laying about. Now like i said with soundtrack, there is not one single song in this movie, not one. Instead the soundtrack is the sound of nature and waves and wind being blown. Scorsese himself being raised in New York having to go to church a couple of days a week and was going to become a priest instead at some point earlier in his career and you can tell why here, the level of detail, the film’s tone and outstanding execution could have only been made by a master with a passion in his brain and a skill unlike any other. It’s without a question not his most accessible film to date, at 2 hrs and 41 minutes long about the meaning of christ, faith, heaven, hell, Buddhism and so forth, this is no Wolfie Wall Street and the pacing is much more slower but it’s also Scorsese’s best looking film in ages. It’s a test of patience for a conventional audience but for Art house conveniences it’s grade A.




2017 in film. Silence review 4/5

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