3.1 Apply Practical skills to media project


Project Management Techniques

When I first managed to gather all the pieces that I needed to make this project. The first person I asked who could be available for making this project was Jack Stevens. Jack agreed to help me make the project. The plan shoot on half-term in the midst of May. However that wasn’t entirely possible since. Jack was physically ill and I was due back in France 2 later.  When half-term finished I had only 3 days to finish shooting the project. So I told Jack through messaging if it was possible to meet on Wednesday the 8th of June at around 8 a clock at night. He agreed.

So I hire a canon 700d and a microphone with a small tripod from Canterbury College and I went out to shoot the film. Which took only 2 hours to shoot altogether and the location where we shot the project was right next door to Canterbury college.

Location Recce Sheet


– Production Schedule
My FMP will be shot on Wednesday the 7th of June , the location will be right next door to Canterbury College and the time of shoot will be 8:00 pm. And will end filming on the same night.
All requirements including cameras, tripods and microphones shall be hired a day before hand and will be returned on Thursday the 8th of June.
Team and Individual Performance Monitoring
Wednesday 8th of June 2016
We shot the project all in chronological order
Scene 1 #  The scene when the Max Railroy character is asleep then get’s woken up by a phone. We shot 2 takes of that scene. We placed the microphone on the table right next to the bed to record. Jack Stevens was the person who rings the phone. The camera is placed on a tripod during this sequence. This take was the longest scene in the clip.
Scene 2#  The grabbing the bottle of vodka shot. After Max wakes up he grabs the bottle from the table. We did 2 takes for this shot. What we should have taken notice of was the samurai swords behind the bottle.
Scene 3# Pouring the liquor into the glass shot. I wanted the camera to be in ECU. and I was holding the mike when I poured the liquor in the glass while Jack shot the scene. We did 1 take.
Scene 4 # When Max plays the music shot wanted the computer to be placed near the right. Jack bent down to film the shot and did only 1 take.
Scene 5# drinking his vodka shot. I wanted the camera to be in same position that was the camera in the first shot I didn’t want the camera in a different position because it wouldn’t tell the story visually correctly. (on my perspective)
Scene 6# Bathroom mirror shot. We shot that scene 4 times without a tripod (We should have used one but the tripod was too small to shoot with) this shot was handheld and i wanted the mirror to be the camera. It was a form of inspiration from the movie La Haine (1995) directed by Mattieu kassovitz. I used the 3rd take during editing.
Scene 7# Shot of Max splashing water in his face. This shot i wanted the camera pointed on the left side of the sink where i turn the water on and the toilet was on that left. So Jack bent down right next to the loo and shot 3 takes. The first 2 were slightly shaky as we shot it handheld. I used the 1 shot during editing.The first take was more shaky than the others but better looking which is why i picked it.
Scene 8# Shot of Max picking up his clothes. This shot was easier than the others, all i needed was a close up shot of me picking the clothes i dump on the floor. Jack lays on the floor points the camera towards the clothes near the bed and did one take.
Scene 9# Shot of Max getting dressed. Jack puts the camera on a tripod . The shot was a little more onto the left in comparison to scene 1. We shot 2 takes and the first shot is what i used in editing.
Scene 10# Shot of Max putting on his coat. I wanted that shot a little more slow mo in comparison to shot no 9. When characters put on coats in movies like in Western’s or 80’s Action thrillers they have a manner of putting on a coat in slow motion way to add a sense of coolness. So i wanted to experiment with that by taking a shot of max’s back . JAck pointed from bending down and pointing upwards and shot 1 take.
Scene 11 # Shot of Max picking up a picture. Originally I wanted a picture of a woman then a flashback of what contains in the image. To do so I wanted a picture of a female colleague in my class. But due to time conflicts I couldn’t do so. So I took a random picture which was a man. We put the picture on the table and Jack bent down and shot the scene a little on the right. we shot 2 takes and I chose the 2nd shot in editing.
Scene 12# Shot of Max looking at the picture while drinking the rest of his vodka. I like shots where the camera is up above because if gives a form of expression where if the character in that is looking down towards the camera it makes it feel like he is the commander and the thing or person he looks to is the target he controls. So I wanted Jack to lay down and point the camera upwards then we did 3 takes. However in the day of the editing I didn’t realise via footage that looking at the picture you could see through it and it was a man in the image when it was actually meant to be a girl. I decided to use the second shot during editing after 3 takes. Both other takes were just as good as the 3rd however we could hear Jack heavy breathing in the background but in the 3rd he wasn’t as much. So I used the 3rd take during editing.
Scene 13# Shot of keys being taken by Max. This was easier than scene 12. Jack bends down pointing the camera at wardrobe and I place the keys on the side. I wanted a blurry background and a focus on the keys. We did one take and made sure that the sound was top notch so we could hear the keys being taken in detail while the door gets closed shut.
Scene 14# Shot of Max locking his door and heading downstairs in the hallway. The last two shots are probably the scenes in which I am most proud of. In this shot Jack reminded me not to break the 180 degree rule I told on the right side of the door and he zooms out. We did 1 take and when I head downstairs he slowly points the camera downwards. The reason why I like this shot was because in the editing when it I turned the colour to black and white and whilst adding Jazz music in the background whilst hearing voice narration, the shot reminded me a lot of Elliot Gould’s Philip Marlowe feeding his cat in The Long Goodbye.
 Cats, C. (2014) The Long Goodbye (1973), Cinema Cats. Available at: http://www.cinemacats.com/?p=2670 (Accessed: 22 June 2016).
Scene 15# Shot of Max walking out his apartment and heading into the streets of Canterbury at night. ( Final shot of the project). Out of all the shots that I have provided I believe that this scene is the most noir-ish that I have provided out of all the shots. Because it looks even better in Black and white and with the narration and the also the Jazz music playing in the background I believe I managed to make a familiar style with that shot. I asked Jack to step on the right side of the door next to the window of his apartment and we did this scene handheld while providing 3 takes. I used the 1st take during editing. This shot was inspired by scenes in Noir when characters are walking in the streets voice narrating.
 S, C. (2016) A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night – Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Available at: http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/reviews/girl-walks-home-alone-night/ (Accessed: 22 June 2016).


  • Pre-production materials






  • Project Development:

Voice over script.rtf 2


Reflective writing on task

This task was my final blog I worked on concerning my FMP. And It was complex to talk about each shot that I did for the FMP.










3.1 Apply Practical skills to media project

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