2.2 Interpret Research

In this post I am going to explain on how I am going to produce my Final major project.

Collation of research.

With the factors I have worked on with my previous project.  I shall discuss all the 4 interests connected to my project.

  • Task 1

Film and TV.

  • Explain

The project focuses on a night in a life of a private investigator who receives a bizarre phone call one night asking him to meet the person at a location 5 minutes away from his flat. The rest is the main character getting ready to leave to meet the person but through voice over we find out who this character is and why does he inhabits  such a messy flat and how he got the job as a detective. It will be  in Black and White and will be highly influenced  from the films made back in the 40’s 50’s 60’s and even the 70’s. It is a neo noir shot in colour and edited in black and white.

The Research /Evidence.

The research i did for trying to make this project was simply by watching as many film noir’s as possible. I observed scenes and styles and moods of this pictures and was taking notes on how the characters work and the world of noir. I watched Documentaries and interviews concerning noir.



Austin Film Festival (2015)youtube.com.Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd_LLw8uiXU (16/06/2016)

Filmmaker IQ (2013)youtube.com.Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i2CsU2IdQA (16/06/2016)

ROCCO ACEE (2013) youtube.com. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2_wWc99g88 (16/06/2016)

Writers Guild Foundation (2013)youtube.com.Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOjDuaLBl9c (16/06/2016)


German expressionism and the influence of Film Noir.

The classical Film Noir era in Hollywood lasted from the 1940s to the late 1950s. There is no doubt as to Film Noir’s importance and impact in the history of the film, not only Hollywood style but also in European style cinema. But like any subject in history, Film Noir also has a beginning. Here, we will look at films, both foreign and domestic, that paved the way for Film Noir’s style in the decades leading up to World War II.

Many of Film Noir’s distinct styles, including black and white picture with low-key lighting elements, find their roots in the German Expressionism movement. German Expressionism began to grow in the years before World War I. After the Great War, Germany was isolated from the rest of the world. Foreign films were banned in Germany, increasing the demand for more domestic films. Due to this isolation, German Expressionism peaked in the early 1920s and became widely acknowledged in the international film industry.

German Expressionism in cinematography was born out of the larger Expressionist movement that had existed in the first decades of the 20th century throughout Germany and Austria. The Expressionist movement is known for its birth of a “renaissance in the graphic arts.” Many artists living in Germany during this time began to focus their craft on graphic art, most taking up printmaking. In their art, Expressionists sought to assert their feelings of “dissatisfaction with the existing order, and [their] desire to effect revolutionary change.” Expressionist used the visual arts to create a look into the emotional and psychological state of being by use of distorted images and irregular shapes. They sought to bring the human subconscious to view without the use of literal symbols, sparking an emotional reaction to their art.

Arguably the most crucial filmmaker influenced by German Expressionism was Alfred Hitchcock. He worked on a film in Germany known as The Blackguard (Cutts 1925). Whilst there, he became fascinated byThe Last Laugh as well as Destiny (Lang 1921).After Murnau but before Lang immigrated to the United States, Hitchcock had already used their valuable techniques of German Expressionism as an inspiration for him to direct a silent film called The Lodger (Hitchcock 1927). In this film, he had employed the use of shadow and light. He progressively used this in his black and white films, such as I Confess (Hitchcock 1953), The Wrong Man (Hitchcock 1957) and Psycho (Hitchcock 1960). Yet in terms of performance and theme representation, he used this in his coloured featuresThe Birds (Hitchcock 1963) and Marnie (Hitchcock 1964). Considering this and the impact he gradually had on horror/thriller genre, Alfred Hitchcock could arguably be an equally influential figure from German Expressionism as Murnau and Lang.

Early American Horror had already begun through German Expressionism but another influential development was film-noir, a style of ‘black films’ which occurred throughout the 1940s and 1950s. It was introduced through similar methods as German Expressionism. Film-noir had already started during World War II but it was not until after it concluded and the Cold War began that it became a wider inspiration. According to French critics, the style and themes within many American crime and detective films during the war were ‘dark’, downbeat and black (Dirks, 2012). Nevertheless, these pessimistic emotions at the time influenced filmmakers to take advantage and present them on the screen.

Reflective writing on task 1:

In the first of task of this blog i was researching through multiple sites concerning the origins of noir and it’s key themes to produce evidence.


– Task 2

  • Personal experiences that influenced my choices.

Film Noir is my favourite film genre because of the characters it implies , the dialogue , the atmosphere within the world of noir , the women portrayed as dangerous yet beautiful beings, the explosion of tragedy and unexpected evil that can show up at any moment.

This project slowly developed through researching 2.1 my interest was to gather my 4 major interests , write down a scenario that resembles one of those interests and ask questions to people thus with their reactions I can create characters through a script. The reason why I decided to take this route was because I was influenced by the films of John Cassavetes, a film director not to focused on plot but on character development and how they feel, he uses improve as an artistic form and manages to convey great performances from them, including the likes of Ben Gazzara, Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk and Seymour Cassel.


A Woman Under the Influence 4minmos4


S.Y.Yang, L. (2016) John Cassavetes: Five Films, The Criterion Collection. Available at: https://www.criterion.com/boxsets/558-john-cassavetes-five-films (Accessed: 22 June 2016).


With that influence I asked questions to these people I interviewed and see how they would react to them. At first I was thinking of a far more ambitious idea which genre was a noir but since I have already worked on a noir with a short clip for Canterbury college called Hallo. So I digressed my ambition for this project and with a few idealistic notes learnt from tutor’s I gained an idea on these characters and eventually transformed into an idea concerning the first five minutes of a noir primarily focused on a black comedy character driven drama.

  • What is it that makes me do my project

My  love of film. And because I want to become a film director and because I want to experiment more so with movie cameras and because I want to develop my editing, I want to know how to use sound techniques in movies , I want learn visual aesthetics, I want to write scripts and see how actors could deliver a performance through the lines I wrote, I want to know how to organise in making a film, I also want to learn how to produce films, I want to see how I can figure out shooting locations. All my interests in cinema is the reason why I want to make this project , for Canterbury college and because of my love of film in general.

  • What do I seek to achieve and how it relates to my target audience

What I seek to achieve is to create a miniscule slice of thrilling entertainment without pulling any punches. The way this project shall relate to it’s target audience is because of the main character in the project, hopefully I will be able to create a mesmerising atmosphere all related to the rules of noir. An audience who like private detectives and puzzling stories is what  I want to make this project for the story will be the opening sequence of an unmade movie. All in the style of noir.


  • Basic premise of the project

A private detective receives a mysterious phone call one night asking him to meet a rendez vous point near his own flat. And so he prepares himself to meet the person who called him.

  • Awareness of it’s target audience

What my Final Major Project will try and provide is a simple sense of thrill without going to far out of edge, It won’t play in an unconventional standard, instead it would be more of a quickly paced short film while keeping the audience intrigued on how the clip will end.


-What are similar media products and how does your work relate to them ?

The similar media products of which this project has it share influences from is the genre of Noir, The characters inside noir and the dialogue and film influence with it’s genre being noir and neo noir. The main character is a Private eye who has a drinking problem and a problematic past this character can be related to characters like Jack Nicholson’s character in Chinatown or Downey Jr’s character in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and even William Holden in Sunset Boulevard.


How have similar media products influenced your project

Neo noir is highly influenced by Film Noir , my project is influenced by Neo noir and film noir. The characters and it’s themes within the genre have highly helped me gained influenced to make this project.

What can you learn from similar media products

What I learnt from similar media products is that I have read and watch thousands of noir’s including documentaries talking about noir and trying to understand how the world of Noir works.

Reflective writing on task 2

In this task i was quite simply writing my interests and why noir is a huge interest of mine.

  • Task 3

Similar media products and how i can relate to them.

The similarities connected to my project come from films,comic books, novels and video games like.


The Long Goodbye ( The main character’s persona is similar to mine)

Inherent Vice ( The main character has similar aspects to mine)

The Big Lebowski ( The main character has similar aspaects to mine)

After Hours ( The atmosphere and environment has a similar tone to mine)

Touch of Evil ( The atmoshere and environment has a similar tone to mine)

Sin City 1&2 (Characters, script and atmosphere)

The Chaser ( Character and setting)

Sweet Smell of Success ( Environment)

Angel Heart ( Protagnist)

The Killing of a chinese bookie ( Protagonist and gritty atmosphere)

Drive ( atmosphere)

Double Indemnity ( Script, characters and atmosphere)

Gilda ( Atmosphere,script and atmosphere)

The Long Weekend ( Character)

Taxi Driver ( Atmosphere)

Johnny Handsome ( Atmosphere)

Detour ( script, atmosphere and characters

Sunset Boulevard ( script, atmosphere and characters)

La notte ( atmosphere and characters)

Le Samourai ( atmosphere and characters)

  • Video Games

The Wolf Among us ( Characters, script and atmosphere)

L.A. Noire ( Characters,script and atmosphere)

Killer 7 ( Characters)

Max Payne 1,2 and 3 ( Characters, atmosphere and script)

  • Comic Books

100 Bullets ( characters, atmopshere and script)

  • Novels

The black Dahlia / James Elroy ( Characters, atmopshere and script)

Red Harvest/ Dashiell Hammett (Characters, atmopshere and script)

The Killer Inside Me/ Jim Thompson ( characters and script)

The Golden Gizmo/ Jim Thompson (characters and dialogue)

  • The Influences of media products for my project.

All the movies that have cited up above have influenced my project in a strong by how they have been written acted and developped into the style that it had.

The Black and White style in Noir and how it is different other gnere movies in black and white because with Noir (back in the 40’s) Studios would shoot most movies in daylight or in a studio. With Noir the production crew would shoot it in actual night to capture a darker more sinister enviroment for the themes of the movie they were trying to make.

How Joseph Gordon Levitt keeps it always cool in Sin City 2 yet having a huge issue of his own ,or whether Doc Sportello from Inherent Vice was puzzling a case impossible to follow, or whether Jake Gittes from Chinatown falls for Evelyn Mulway. All these cool factors is what influences the character in my project.

  • What can i learn from similar media products

By understanding the world of noir i can learn the methods of voice over used in noir with description over people and the world they inhabit. I can learn how to create an atmosphere that the noir creates, i can learn how to use the right kind of music played primarily in noir and i can learn what kind of tools and design spotted in the world of noir by watching movies and reading stories concerning crime/mysteries and even romances. And I can learn how to use camera work with detail by borrowing certain scenes from other movies and see how that could affect my project.

The comparison with my project and other media products.

The main character of my project is a balance between Philip Marlowe from the Long Goodbye and Max Payne.

The location in which it’s set in is small flat that is similar to the flat from the murder sequence in Touch of Evil.

The Voice over work comes from films like Sin City, Double Indemnity, Detour and The Lady from Shanghai.

The Script that i will write for the project is primarily voice over work in which the main character is talking in VO while getting dressed and ready. I wanted a cynical and sarcastic driven script that is an influence of other noir with male protagonist always self condescending and point out thing with funny one liners.

Reflective writing for task 3

In this task  wanted to make sure that i wrote as much films of influence for this project as possible. Which is why i made a list and write down mini examples of why the films have it’s similar aspects for the project.


  • Task 4

Content research

The project will be shot in an apartment, and late at night, to add the right convenient atmosphere for the project. Jazz music is strong key to this project. Because Jazz elevates more the mood and style of noir. Cigarettes and Alcohol will also be included since one of the noir elements involves those factors to convey authenticity.

Production research.

Noir revolves primarily in city streets. My plan is to shoot in the location of Canterbury , right next door to Canterbury College at night since most of the themes of noir centers at night , so it is highly important the shooting is shot at night.


My experimental Noir short film will consist of only 2 crew members. Myself and Jack Stevens. I shall direct and star in the project as there is only 1 character in this clip and Jack Stevens will be the cameraman. There will only be 2 people who will make this project.

Target Audience.

My FMP shall be for an audience who love crime thrillers, Film noir and witty dialogue.

Other material.

My FMP consists of black and white colour, it is not set in the 40’s but is set in modern day thus being a neo noir instead of an actual film noir. The props will have a bottle of vodka ( as our character  has a drinking problem) cigarettes ( a tool and prop always found in Noir). Clothes is another important part since the character is a private detective he has to match a balance between cool yet scruffy. So the character will wear a business suit without a tie and a ripped hole in his black trousers. The other important factor is that the location of the FMP is set in a flat that look as messy as possible to explain the audience that this character isn’t highly organised and that he is drawn into drinking which is why there will be empty bottles in the scenes.


Reflective writing on task 4 :

In this task i wanted to go straight to the point of talking about my project and to make sue that i am explaining correctly of what i want to make.

References :

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2.2 Interpret Research

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