2.1 Research

  • Day 1 / April 13th 2016

On our first day back to Canterbury College

  • Research plan

For my FMP I will work on my four primary interests to develop an idea for my FMP. I will work on my favourite film genres and then make a short clip out of one of them. I will then draw storyboards and write a script whilst choosing a location to shoot and then film with a canon 700d and using a microphone. My project will consist of my favourite film genre making a wallpaper of who I am consisting of my favourite things and things that I despise. Then I will interview other people to find out what their favourite film is. Since my favourite passion is film I will ask questions concerning film and what is there favourite genre and then I will ask them questions if they were in there favourite movie and what would they do if they did. Then I will write a script and a story synopsis by figuring out what genre I would pick to make the clip and then understand the requirements. I will compare other movies and take influence of films that my project will be inspired from.

Week 1

  • Who am I


We were task to build a mood board containing images representing all the things we hate and love. What styles I like and dislkie , my interests my goals Family, friends etc..

We were also tasked to create a mind map of what are our main interests and goals.

My Likes :                     My Dislikes :

Movies                            Narrow minded people

Video Games                 Extreme Conventionability

Women                           One Dimensional people

Art                                   Rats

Comic books                Being tired

Italian food                   Cloudy Weather

Travelling                      Sudden change of rules if the reason is not good enough.


My 4 interests

  • Film

– Primary

I have loved film ever since I was 6 year old, it was back then when I realised I wanted to be a filmmaker . I watch films nearly every single day and Take major influence. My favourite film genres are Drama, Thriller, Science-Fiction, Comedy, Action, Western, Romance, Musicals, Adventure, Subgenres, Gangster films, Film Noir, Horror, Fantasy and War films. I take strong interests into filmmakers and their filmography’s. My favorite filmmakers include Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Danny Boyle, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Gaspar Noé, Nicolas Winding Refn, William Friedkin, Wong Kar-Wai, David Fincher and Park Chan-Wook.

One of my particular favourite genres is film noir the film medium as it deals with a particular sense of style that I like.

It always focuses in an urban environment where the mood is dark and jazzy and the males have no future and the females have a past. It’s a style as cool as it is romantic fuelled with self extreme cynicism.  My favorite films in the Noir genre which includes Neo Noir ( new film noir as the last great film noir was Orson Welles’s Touch of Evil back in 1958.) are Touch of evil, Inherent Vice, Chinatown , The long goodbye,  The lady and Shanghai, Gilda, Kiss me Deadly, Sin City, Angel Heart and finally Blade Runner

But Blade Runner is a Science- Fiction if it had to be one particular genre. Blade Runner consists of Science fiction blending in with Noir also known as Tech Noir , the future , Technology as our own source of expertise . This particular style is called Cyberpunk, a sub-genre in which the future is atmospheric yet superficial.

I also love films that play into the unconventional route because i believe that stories and styles need to be different from one another, we need to see something new everytime. It’s good to see something on the big screen that we have never before because it brings more creativity into our minds which is one of the reasons why I get drawn into bizarre and art house independant films .Because the great director Federico Fellini once declared that eventually , many movies will start repeating itself and he was right especially in this day and age of remakes and superhero blockbusters.

Fellini said :

Money is everywhere but so is poetry. What we lack are the poets.
Federico Fellini (1963)brainyquote.com Available at. http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/f/federico_fellini.html
I also tend to watch as many movies at the cinema as possible and I write reviews on facebooks within albums with it’s years. I started this new routine back in 2015.  The latest film i saw Batman vs Superman which was better than i thought it would be.
I also love movies in which the characters i can relate too, which is why i really like the films of Chinese auteur Wong Kar Wai.  His characters and the neon world of hong kong with the dazzling cinematography of Christopher Doyle make his films relatably fullfilling.
West Kowloon Cultural District (2014) youtube.com.Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?.v=97GwbI27w.10 (16/06/2016)


Marcelo Paulo De Souza (2008)youtube.com.Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDMRB5cCrzY (16/06/2016)

kaiding (2015)youtube.com. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwFWmELwHns (16/06/2016)


Paulo De Souza, M. (2016). YouTube. [online] Youtube.com. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwFWmELwHns [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].


I have a strong interest in personalities over people , Because I like to see human emotions into stories that affects them due to what is going on around and how this impacts them. Like the films of John Cassavetes, a director focused more on character studies instead of conveying a plot.

Youtube.com. (2016). YouTube. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTLedTEs4IY [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

I love all sorts of genres. I tend to get drawn into gangster films , Horror films , Film Noir and Science Fiction.  but I love stories with a genre hard to pick since it is about almost every kind of genre. Like David Fincher’s Fight Club or even Forrest Gump.

– Secondary

I shall interview people to figure out, to ask about their movies and genres and to know what sort of film they feel can personally relate too.  This helps me to find a final project in which genre i can choose then ( through the responses of other people) i can mix up there favorite feelings and make a story with the genre i chose. I shall ask questions to do with situations like the characters that you usually find in Film Noir.


Task 2

Interview for film

I decided to interview one of my fellow colleagues, Manuel Fernandez and ask questions concerning film.


  • Video games

– Primary

Video Games have a similar artistic aspect like in movies which Is what I like about them. Most people tend to love video games due to gameplay. What attracts me the most about them is that is the premise or the arc of the video game is on my opinion good that is what draws me in, the second being of course good gameplay.

Some of my favourite video games include :



Chen, D. (2008). Max Allan Collins to Write and Direct Two “Road to Perdition” Sequels – /Film. [online] Slashfilm. Available at: http://www.slashfilm.com/max- [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].


Etsy. (2016). Deus Ex: Affiche Human Revolution. [online] Available at: https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/96652931/deus-ex-affiche-human-revolution [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Khonsari, N., Davidson, A., Worrall, J., Lynch, S., Doman, J. and Venito, L. (2016). Manhunt (Video Game 2003). [online] IMDb. Available at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386616/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].


  • Secondary

Like Movies I plan to interview people who are in situations like in the story of video games ,  most of the time video games  deals with action oriented scenario.

Interview concerning video games

The person that I am going to interview dislikes being recorded but I wrote everything down.

Karen Cox


  • 3rd interest is Travelling.


I enjoy taking walks and heading individually to different locations often to watch a movie or just for the sake of discovery. I like that sense of adventure which I find in exploring places. I like a lot of Asian culture due to it’s unique sense of style and which to one day head to a Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Moscow and Seoul.



com#, g. (2016). Pulp – I Spy. [online] Genius. Available at: http://genius.com/Pulp-i-spy-lyrics [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Maeda, Y. (2016). Tokyo – Locations. [online] Omm.com. Available at: https://www.omm.com/locations/tokyo/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Kim, S. (2016). Seoul searching in South Korea. [online] The Telegraph. Available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/asia/south-korea/articles/seoul-searching-in-south-korea-daejon-daegu-jangheung/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Soper, T. (2015). GeekWire in China: We’re reporting on technology from Shanghai and Beijing this November. [online] GeekWire. Available at: http://www.geekwire.com/2015/geekwire-in-china-were-reporting-on-technology-from-shanghai-and-beijing-this-november/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

I believe there is so much to see in the world. And to discover different shapes and forms of things so I can grab ideas because there are so many stories to find in the world . I love landscapes including jungles because of it’s tropical atmosphere especially waterfalls. I tend to love neon and cities glowing at night that brings a dreamy magical livelyness to it all. I love when the sun rises in the morning across fields or other different environments and i believe it is good to be open minded instead of being narrow minded which i despise. I like atmospheres of different environments like in the different kinds of cultures and attitudes and accents and languages in diffrent locations that seem so different from one another.

Secondary research :

With my Final major project connected with travelling i plan to interview another student in Canterbury college and ask him questions concerning travelling.

  • 4th interest is Women

I have immense respect over women, i also have a key interest into people’s way of thinking. Women seem to have multiple different personalities like men but have a more vulnerable aspect about them. The kind of women i get drawn into are the quiet mysterious yet highly attractive types or the very enthusiastic joie de vivre type.


With my final major project my connection is to find a strong female character but one who is vulnerable and quiet. Yet open minded,naive and smart ( and gorgeous ). But the kind of female character i am looking for resembles like these leads from these movies.

roman-holiday-audrey-hepburn-824737_640_4801the assassin_edit-xlarge

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday           Shu Qi in The Assassin

leaving-las-vegas-1995-04-g   000578s005 perks

Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas , Elizabeth Hurley in Permanent Midnight or even Emma Watson from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

cine, c. (2016). ����ƾ �Ŀ� ���� – ��ȭ����, ������, ����, �Կ��� – CineCine.co.kr. [online] Cinecine.co.kr. Available at: http://www.cinecine.co.kr/movie.asp?code=578 [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Collin, R. (2016). The Assassin review: ‘heart-stoppingly beautiful’. [online] The Telegraph. Available at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/the-assassin/review/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Patriette, L. (2012). Movie Review: Roman Holiday. [online] Formidable Courage. Available at: http://www.formidablecourage.com/2012/05/23/movie-review-roman-holiday/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

rest, p. (2016). Classic Fashion in Film. [online] Pinterest. Available at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/210965563768384577/ [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Secondary :

I shall interview a person inside Canterbury College concerning perspectives over women.


All these 4 interests will have a connection with my final major project. Because as i was researching on what i wanted to do through the interviews i realised through watching recent authenitc films dealing with human character studies like High Rise or John Cassavetes films and even Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. It focuses primarily on human behavior and what humans are capable of doing to each other, they can turn into savages and transform a nation into human depravity like the Holocaust in the early 40s. But they can be saviors and try to do the right thing in life. But what is it that makes humans go to extents like this who can be trusted and who cannot.Who is more vulnerable than the other , Why 3 men can or can’t get along, how were they raised and those parents human behaviour. Filmmakers believe in different motifs, Lars Von Trier ( Director of Dogville and Antichrist) believes that all men are sexual predators and Women are hopeless.Some believe opposite.

So with my 4 interest i plan to question 4 different kinds of people and ask them there point of view over the questions i shall ask in which revolves a situation resembling one of my interests. Then by having their thoughts over these things i shall create these characters and make a story involving a whodunnit murder mystery like the game Cluedo revolving 4 people and not one trustworthy.  It was through these interviews that i began to gather the idea.

Reflective writing on task :

In this task I was focusing on how to catch an idea while working on my four favorite interest and by doing so this managed to help me develop one.












2.1 Research

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  1. FEEDBACK FROM JENNI B 28.4.16 – Week 2 LO2.1 –
    Icarus,this is incomplete. You have only spoken about one interest. You need a research plan, and to research and review all four interests. This needs to be done by next Wednesday 9th May. Please email when you have done it.


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