1.1 Understanding Requirements


In this post I will talk about what I shall use in my project and what tools I will need and what kind of style it will have.

  • Task 1


  • The Idea

My idea for this project will be an experimental film noir art house clip


The premise of this project focuses on the first five minutes of an unmade movie. A Scruffy private eye who sleeps by day and works by night is awakened by a phone call. Telling him he must go to his work office and that there is someone to see him. The rest of the clip is getting himself together but we hear through first person voice over narration of who this character is and where he works and the women he used to love. The film ends when he leaves his flat.


Style and genre.

This project will be shot in Colour and edited in Black and white. But like with Spielberg’s Schindler’s list or the films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, there will be glimpses of colour. It will have this 1940’s quality feel despite being set in a modern day world. Most of the dialogue is first person VO narration in the vain of self loathing, pessismism and sarcasm as most film noir protagonist always do. It shall also feature a jazzy smooth soundtrack. The influences of the project come from movies,books , comic books and video games all in which consist of the style of Noir.


Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice (2015) is a strong influence as it concerns a pot smoking private investigator solving an impossible mystery. The opening sequence is similar to the one that i would like to provide. It does not have first person narration but features the themes of neo noir.


The video game Max Payne 3 also has many film noir influences and it’s lead character is a very contemptfull cop who most gunblaze his way to solve mysteries and crime rings. It’s dialogue and voice over is one of the main sources of inspiration for the lead character in my project.


House, D. (2016). Max Payne 3 (Video Game 2012). [online] IMDb. Available at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1407064/quotes [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Examples of the voice over narration used in Max Payne and other noir films that i would like to provide :

Max Payne :[entering nightclub] This kind of place made me want to puke. I needed a real drink to cope with the electronic music and robotic people. ( from Max Payne 3 )

Philip Marlowe : I caught the blackjack right behind my ear. A black pool opened up at my feet. I dived in. It had no bottom.”( from Murder, my sweet )

Frank McCloud ( Humphrey Bogart): When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses.”( from Key Largo 1948)

Millo Garret. Funny thing, my brain got locked on those two words: Be numb. Be numb. Be numb. Like some guru mantra, or a goddamn irregular heartbeat. Be numb. Be numb. Be numb. Good advice. ( from 100 bullets).

Bigby Wolf. Down. Seems like the direction this whole night’s been headed. ( from Wolf Among us).

The project in which it’s style it borrows isn’t wholly realistic as it is a 40’s 50’s look and I plan to use this style in an over the top fashion by changing the mood, feeling and atmosphere of the project during editing.  It  is inspired by film noir’s made in that era. It alos is insipred by political ww2 thrillers like Lars Von Trier’s Europa or the italian expressionism movement of Roberto Rossellini in the 60’s.The main character of the project calls back to protagonists from the films of Jean Luc Godard or  Robert Altman, Billy Wilder,Nicolas Ray or Edgar G ulmer or even a Nicolas Winding Refn film. the characters in noir in what attracts me is the ay they way their mind works and how there neagative persona brings cool style despite their scruffyness we root for these people despite there flaws and i want to make a character with these points.  With This project I won’t shoot in black and white but in colour then change the color to black and white via editing.

The Genre :

My Final major project shall be a Film Noir. Because the visual style is one of the main reasons. The character it depicts, the voice narration usually found in noir is also a heavy reason. And the environment I like characters who believe they have an immense lack of caring. In Noir most protagonist are never really vulnerable people they show cynical emotions around everyone they stumble into and have not much of an eventful future ahead of them. Until they fall across a femme fatale with a past or a case concerning a woman and upon that point they slowly develop become more alive yet increasingly vulnerable and in the end of most plot’s of noir’s it doesn’t close happily ever after. So in a sense Noir is a form of a grim tragedy. And I want to make a character in that fashion.


The Form :

My Final major project entitled Waking at night shall be a video production. I want to make an opening sequence of a film that has never been made and make the audience be intrigued by the opening and make them want to watch the rest. Like watching a movie clip and want to watch the entire movie because you where interested.

What the Project would look like :

I want to make my project look as experimental as possible shot in colour and edited in Black and white with occasional intrusions of colour . By doing so I shall research the techniques through Avid by experimenting and adjusting the colours. I shall shoot in natural lighting with the canon 700D then change the look through editing.  I plan to make my project look like the quality of the images below.

c_more-street_1the_red_shoes_balletEuropa 16

1770_2204The-Compliment-on-Via-Laietana-Street-Barcelona-1962Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 15_42_06untitled

The main character of the project will wear a leather jacket and jeans. I want to cool yet scruffy.

  • Music as a source of inspiration.

Music is a strong element use in Noir, in fact it is one of the characters as Noir uses on multiple occasions smooth jazz and in neo noir smooth rock and pop. I listened to 100 different songs for the right mood so I can pick up one that matches my project here are some of the songs that can be used and heard in the genre of Noir.

Sturgill Simpson. Brace Impact                                       Billy Ocean: When the going get’s tough

Portishead. Give me a reason to love you.                        Chris Isaak, Blue Hotel

Chet Baker . Almost Blue                                                        David Bowie. I’m Deranged

Allen Toussaint. Cast your fate                                           Miles David- I fall in Love too easy

Chris Isaak. Wicked Game                                                       The Smiths- How soon is now

Neneh Cherry. Woman                                                             Michael Been- Fate

Iggy Pop. Nightclubbing                                                           The Cure- A forest

Pulp- I spy                                                                 Serge Gainsbourg – Comme un Boomerang

Killer 7- Soundtrack 03 Blackburn                          John Barry- The Ipcress file

Space – Female of the species                                      Air- Playground Love

Flock of Seagulls- heart of steel                                            Edwyn Collins- A girl like you



UK, G. (2016). pulp i spy – Google Search. [online] Google.co.uk. Available at: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pulp+i+spy&safe=strict&biw=1440&bih=806&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO56ubgfPMAhVRGsAKHWC3CbkQ_AUICCgD#safe=strict&tbm=isch&q=air+virgin+suicides+soundtrack&imgrc=2ZPpGEv9GJBi5M%3A [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].



Music adds a lot of rhythm and style to Noir. I will choose of these tracks to play in my final major project because in the story when the main character wakes up and get’s himself ready to leave, he plays some music. This adds a sense of cool amusement to the project that can slowly drag our audience into the movie by knowing the right pacing and execution. Thanks to the music and the dialogue.



There are several influences for my final major project including films made in the 40’s and 50s.  Here are some videos I researched to develop the idea of the story down below

player, v. (2016). The Vimeo Player. [online] Vimeo.com. Available at: https://vimeo.com/player [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

In the video up above from Robert Altman’s the Long Goodbye. The opening sequence provides a combination of warmth and a definition of yet another day  at work Mr Marlowe. What I want to prevail is a similar clip while this time with voice narration. It will also have a more dreamlike quality.

In the video up above from the opening sequence of Sin City 2005. The film is heavily based on Noir as it’s creator Frank Miller borrowed multiple elements of the genre and making a style of his own. The Colours in this video is what I would like to provide for mine. Because it’s visually stunning and because it doesn’t look like real life. It looks like a dreamy,sensual and even erotic fantasy which is why black and white is I believe more often better than using colour.


noir, A. (2016). [online] Available at: Andysnoir2015Fim Noir Quotes:. Available at:http://andysnoir.blogspot.co.uk/ (13/05/2016) [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].

Comic and Noir are also a strong influence for my project because of the dialogue, setting and characters. It has a gritty charm, a sensual romantic allure, and the art of the drawings is meticulously crafted and edited. while the narration is thrilling and also quite often funny because of it’s black sense of humour.


Reflective writing on task 1

I enjoyed explaining my characters in my project

  • Task 2

How I shall shoot my final project.

I will use a canon 700D that I will hire from the media department from Canterbury College.


UK, G. (2016). Google. [online] Google.co.uk. Available at: https://www.google.co.uk/#q=canon+700d+cost [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].


The Canon 700D is a very capable and versatile camera that produces high quality images. It has a comprehensive feature set and affords all the control expected by enthusiast photographers while providing automatic hand-holding options for less experienced users. ( These words have been Harvard referenced down below).

I will also use a tripod that I shall hire from Canterbury College. The tripods that Canterbury college behold are called manfrotto.


Manfrotto offers the widest and most professional choice of lighting and camera support solutions to serve the photographic, broadcast and entertainment industries all across the World.
With nearly 40 years of experience manufacturing and designing products for professional users, Manfrotto provide an unrivalled range of support products that are the number one choice of users and technicians.
All of the Manfrotto products have been designed with you the users in mind, to provide a perfect combination of key features such as load capacity, size, stability, transportability and interchangeability.
Safety is a high priority when designing and manufacturing Manfrotto products, all of the equipment is designed to meet international regulations such as DIN 15560, TUV, CE and ISO standards.
In-motion are proud to be providing such a sought after range of products, and assures a fast and effective sales and after sales support.
Our sales team are on hand to discuss your requirements and provide up to date advice and information on the full Manfrotto product range, including spare parts. ( this shall be Harvard referenced down below ).
As for the sound I shall use a boom pole entitles rode boom and Zoom H1 voice recorder. I shall hire this from the Canterbury College.
UK, A. (2016). Amazon.co.uk: microphone rode Re: Electronics & Photo. [online] Amazon.co.uk. Available at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=microphone+rode+Re [Accessed 23 Jun. 2016].
The ultra-compact H1 Handy Recorder brings new meaning to the term “portability.” Small enough to slip in your pocket, it offers professional-quality stereo recording at an incredibly affordable price. Take it with you wherever you go—live concerts and band rehearsals, location video shoots, lectures and meetings—or use it to capture your musical ideas whenever inspiration strikes.
The RØDE Mini-Boompole is a lightweight, high grade professional boom pole. The Mini-Boompole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source. Extends from 0.84m (33″) to 2.05m (81″).

–    The skills I shall use to make this project

I will focus on sound detail when shooting this project for example I plan to zoom in on small little details. As this clip is set in one room in a small location so I will shoot in a wide angle,I will take multiple close ups on Like when the main character walks into the bathroom or when he lights a cigarette and pours himself a glass of whiskey. So I will use the H1 handy recorder to catch the sounds of pouring and any action the main character does. When my character plays music slowly does the sound audio but I want to capture certain other sounds while the music is playing, because of that we won’t hear as much but then the character stops the music and picks up his keys then leaves the room, I want to capture the sounds of the keys being picked up or the door being shut. When the main character even washes his face in the bathroom I the sounds of water splashed upon his face or when gets out of bed and when the telephone rings.. I shall take a close up shot of telephone ringing and the character opening his eye to wake up And when we have an extensive shot of the room, in the editing process I will transform the room into black and white and the window painted in red because with window lighting you can see the reflection of a light outside , in neo noir a lot of the time windows tend to be red due to neon signs, so I want the window to be coloured red because it also symbolises the location of the character as beautiful hell, like Nicolas Winding Refn used in Only god forgives . These are the skills I shall experiment on.

Reflective Writing on task 2

I found task 2 to be necessary in understanding and explaining how the skills and tools I will need and shall be incredibly usefull.

–    Task 3

– Target audience
This Project will be targeted to an audience who love, Thrillers, Film noir of course and crime, criminal gangster films and even romances. It is also aimed at an older audience since noir was a type of film that was infamous back in the golden age of Hollywood. But my project is a neo noir since it made today so those who really liked films like Drive or Chinatown, Serpico, Animal Kingdom and those who read comic book for a mature audience will like this clip. I am not aiming for an audience who are more comfortable into contemporary cinema and major blockbusters.
The types of people who I am making this product for are for adults, and cultivated cinephiles  and youths who love art.
I am also making this product for people who like films made in the 80’s and people who like music of the 90s,70’s and 80’s. Age wise 35 years and onward.
Archetype example to attract to the audience I am aiming at.
The First five minutes of a shambolic Private Detective named Max Heat who has nothing much to lose, he sleeps by day and works by night. One of these nights he is told by a mysterious phone call to investigate the mysterious murder of a Jazz club owner
– Reflective writing on task 3
Just like task 2 , I found this task important to talk about my target audience.

– Task 4

Location Recce Sheet



Equipment Checklist

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Zoom
  • Microphone
  • Boom Pole

Health and Safety

  • Storyboards.
  • Budget


Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera (EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens, 18 MP, CMOS Sensor, 3 inch LCD) Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens B00IE3UR08
Price £400.00 £249.00
Delivery FREE Delivery £2.99
Sold by L&J Photo Digital Depot
Display Size 3 inches 3 inches
 Manfrotto tripod black cost – £ 112.99
The Rode boom pole and the video microphone costs £ 79.13  and £ 53.95
– Script
– Treatment
The tripod, the microphone and the canon 700D will be well treated  and shall not endure any such kind of harm during the night of filming. We plan to shoot in the flat where there is no dangerous hazards of any kind.
– Legal requirements
There will be no illegal requirements for this project.
– Production Schedule
My FMP will be shot on Wednesday the 7th of June , the location will be right next door to Canterbury College and the time of shoot will be 8:00 pm. And will end filming on the same night.
All requirements including cameras, tripods and microphones shall be hired a day before hand and will be returned on Thursday the 8th of June.
Reflective writing on task 4
Task 4 was a struggle in completing due to understanding the tools and techniques. unlike the other tasks, this one took me a long time to complete. as I was trying to understand what the questions in task 4 mean.

– Task 5

What is the most important thing when working with clients ?

  • a ) Listen
  • b ) Produce
  • c ) Professional

.Listening is the most important part of working with clients because making a film with a group is highly important to provide what the director of the film needs. You need to listen to another and have just have fun while knowing what you want while making a film.

What skills do you need to work with clients Technical Communication

  • a) Technical
  • b) Communication
  • c) Time manage
  • d) Diplomatic

The answer is b because communication helps everything like time management and diplomacy. It would be more difficult to work on time management and other factors if the communication isn’t clicking.

What type of clients do you think would commission you to produce the product you have chosen to produce for your fmp. ?

Independent film companies. Because Noir isn’t exactly a genre found in huge compnies like Warner Bros or Universal. The clients who own independant companies would like to see more less mainstream films and film noir shot in black and white comes to no exception. Other clients would be foreign film companies because they have more of an open film culture in comparision to bigger film companies.


The title of my final major project shall be called Waking at Night.


References :

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1.1 Understanding Requirements

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