Week 9- Techniques and Solutions

In this post i will talk about the techniques and solutions for this week.

  • Day 1

On the final day of shooting which was in the afternoon. I was the director and actor while James Willcocks was the cameraman and Jack Bown was the person controlling the sound. While we had some assistance from one of our tutor’s Zoran Tesic.

  • Techniques

When filming one of the final sequence of the project we had so many tools that were in our way, like tables, chains, golden reflector’s and wodden boards used to write chalk with. All of these items had to be moved away as one particular scene involved one light and 2 actors within. Shot with a Canon 700D detail was essential. Darkness outside the light had to be as polished as possible.

  • Solutions

Moving everything away from the shot we filmed on Wednesday due to major distraction. Another key element is to use the light beem in the shot with normal light instead of using a blue filter for the lighting. As with editing the lighting can be changed using adjustment of color in Avid.

  • Day 2

On the second day. It was the first day of editing we uploaded all the footage onto Avid and me and Manuel began the process.

  • Techniques

When we were editing our winter project. We mananged to change the color system into black and white, except for the last shot and the dance sequence which was in black and blue. In the entire video there is a black gap between each scene. And some involving description. Writing down the descriptive aspect wasn’t the difficult part but stretching the editing proved to be infuriating . For example in one scene, me and Manuel thought that a shot wasn’t long enough and needed to be streched out. However by doing so, this would shorten another shot later on in the editing footage. this would occur multiple times and sometimes me and Manuel would think that a shot would be slightly too long so we would shorten the clip, thus extending another shot later on.

  • Solutions

Once nailing the pacing of certain shots that needed the right tone and time to match the rhythm. We focused on every single shot by making sure the footage is connected properly as such as the title cards between them with the description. Another issue that was eventually solved was the subtitles. We placed the subtitles in certain shots that were necessary . But sometimes as one shot would be cutted or streched . A certain subtitle would accidently end up on another shot that was not meant to be there. So we had to also move the subtile to the right place.

  • Day 3

The final day and continuation of Editing the winter project.

  • Techniques

As i have mentioned in my previous blogs me and Manuel did not match sound with the visual element. Meaning when we shot the project and recorded the audio. The saved data on the card was mixed with somebody else’s footage. However despite the sound of the footage being uncompromisingly clunky due to no recored sound linked with the shots. My motif was to catch a soundtrack for the winter project as most the story is influenced by music.  So i felt that the soundtrack of the project was more important than syncronising sound with visual.

  • Solutions

Finally we downloaded 3 songs from Youtube one in which was Billy Idol’s Dancing with myself. And we matched the songs to the right moment in the footage. This took quite some time as i wanted specific moments when and where to start and stop the music to catch the right tone, rhythm and even atmosphere.

After the Editing we uploaded the footage adding Canterbury college productions in the video. ( i have also mentioned the words in my previous blog ). And i uploaded the video to Youtube entitled Icarus Pryor’s Winter project.



Week 9- Techniques and Solutions

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