Week 9- Feedback and reflections

In this post i will talk about the given feedback and reflections i have received during the course of this week.

  • Day 1

It was Wednesday afternoon on the final day of shooting, filming the dance sequence in the room I couldn’t use on the day I wanted to film, which was last friday ( Week 8). I needed the help of one tutor ( to figure out how to fix the lights in the positions i needed ) ( it is also not permitted to use the TV studio without a staff member from Media ). So we had James as our camera man, we didn’t need a boom operator as the sequence required mostly of the song from Billy Idol , Dancing with Myself. Evie was a character in the 3 shots in the sequence as the same can be said for myself and Jack Bown was the man controling the soundtrack of Billy idol as when me and Evie had to dance for one shot.

  • Feedback

This Afternoon was a far more detailed approach on how to shoot a scene, where as the previous week i focused on trying to get the right position in the right color and shoot 2 to 3 takes without much focus onto detail.  Zoran gave me a lot of advise when we were changing lights , when we were moving objects away from the shot as this sequence required only a beem of light up above with 2 characters in the centre.  Firstly taking any thing shiny or light must be out of the way immediately as we could see them in the background. like the golden sheet of a reflecting shield used in lighting when taking pictures.

10364296-Set-of-four-round-shiny-welded-stainless-steel-chains-Stock-Photo digital_photography_reflectors

Anything that is in the way of the shot must be moved, moving the tables that were in the way in the TV studio, moving the chalk board for lessons, moving them all into the corner so that the shot looks as unique as possible. Again this is paying attention to details.

Reflections :

Taking notice to detail like Zoran would say , write everything down into why certain objects are in the way and to why they cannot be in the shots that i wanted. Camera positions is another thing when shooting in minimal light and using a one light beem it is important that the actors find the right position in the light. Because in the sequence involving m and evie and when we first meet , we walk towards the glowing light from the opposite directions we had to find a moment when to stop and see how far away we must be from the light before action. Another factor is the music box my character beholds when dancing towards Evie. It is put right in the middle of the shot and the light , me and Evie are wearing sunglasses and we dance. We shot a few takes before we got the right shot and one involved the postion in which the music box was shown. As i was not paying to much attention to detail i suddenly realised that i was not holding the music box in the right direction it originally was in the previous scenes. It was factors like these that are highly important to pay attention to. Especially when filming.

  • Day 2

It was the first of two days of editing. We upload the footage to avid and start the process.

  • Feedback

Editing is a system that requires severe patience. With a lack of knowledge on my behalf , pressing any button could be a wrong . Where a certain shot or a certain sequence could accidently be lost forever. I needed the help of Manuel and together we embarked on a quest to edit this 9 minute long clip. Piecing the puzzles together was the easisest aspect of avid because i did some editing piecing the puzzle together with 3 other projects beforehand. Then adding the visual value to the color of the shots was the next trick we did the Dance sequence first using black and blue ( the blue being the shine of light upon my character and Evie Wells. ) Black and blue does indeed look much effectively better than shooting with a blue filter upon the light during production. Then it was black and white for nearly every single shot taken.

  • Reflections

Like most first hours working on editing , piecing the clips together wasn’t the minor frustrations , those were yet to come. On this day adding black and white and black and blue gives rather a sense of satisfactory as the visual aspect looks exactly what i wanted it to be. With Manuel’s help i was able to fiddle around and add sequences like an opening shot that belonged to youtube to the editing process and discovered a sense of excitement when you begin to know how editing works.


  • Day 3

On Friday which was the final day of editing. Me and Manuel were adding the text , the credits and the soundtrack to the Winter Project.

  • Feedback

On this day Editing proved to be equally frustating. After processing through the dialogue in the project. With the subtitles and adding the soundtrack in the sequences. We played through the video over and over agian to see if there were any bugs, like sequences that felt too short or far too long. Nailing the exact rhthym of the project through editing is a patience testing task. it got to point that after we nailed the visual aspect whilst completing the dialogue and the texture and the credits and finally the soundtrack. Because the the sound recording on the card proved to mixed and missing with other student projects. Me and Manuel decided to leave the soundtrack aside and mixing the sound next time we shoot a project.

Reflections :

As a whole i was pleased with my project. One of the best parts about being a film director is to see the reactions of the audience. ( Quote from Spielberg ) So when i was done , i was relieved, i do wish i would have focused more on sound and details within the shooting. However i shot a project with everything i had in mind without causing extreme mayhem.

It was an ambitious idea sure , but one that could be done.


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Week 9- Feedback and reflections

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