Week 8-Feedback and Reflections

In this post i will talk about my Feedback and reflections.

Day 1 :

When we were shooting the first couple of scenes there were tools in the shots that were not meant to be in view.

Feedback :

After day 1 i must pay extra attention to detail in every single shot and to stop shooting in a very fast pace.


After shooting with a camer in colour , it is actually best to do so when i want the imagery to be in black and white because in the editing process black and white transfer in the coloured imagery is more sharp than shooting in black and white.

Day 2 :

The next day we shot the rest of the project in the afternoon when the story goes into the gameplay mode which was the easiest part of the shooting as every shot were still and quick in which we only did 2 takes max within every scene we shot.

Feedback :

Shooting in public in the afternoon was difficult, people look in the camera and it’s just a distraction. So arranging a better hour in the afternoon instead of the peak hours of lunchtime is preferable.

Reflections :

Shooting fast with many people is easy but paying attention to detail wasn’t quite the case for the scenes we shot that day . Although in the morning we shot one of the final sequences of the project. The afternoon proved shooting in a fast pace saves people time, as long as you know exactly what kind of specific scene you want. I did and that is why i am pleased. Sure there were a few glitches in one scene in particular we shot on that day in which i pick up a pair of sunglasses and a woman accidentally walks into the shot looking at the camera. She didn’t knew we were shooting. When Filming a sequence especially in a crowded environment everyone needs to be aware of what is going on before shooting.


Day 3 :

On the third day , things didn’t went according to plan as i was due to film in a specific location on a specific time. that turned out to be booked for most of the afternoon.

Feedback :

With the advise of my tutor’s.  Always check the timetable no matter what happens, especially if i need to book a room.

Reflections :

Impossible to shoot one scene in a location that is wanted is one thing, Letting people down is another. I had to call the cast and crew and inform them that the TV studio in which i originally planned to film on the afternoon was not going to occur due to another class’s involment. So we shot the dance sequence the next week which was on Week 9 , Wednesday.





Week 8-Feedback and Reflections

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