Week 7- Techniques and solutions

In the Problems and solutions of week 7

We were focusing on lighting .

Day 1 :

As we were sent to take pictures while using a shield and strong use of a light beem, we were divided in to a group of 4 thus we headed into the LRC.

The Problems :

As we picked a more quiet room for working the issues we first discovered were to find out how the golden shield worked into the light and how to reduce and upgrade the light beem  of the person in front of the camera. We were trying to figure out how to make a good reflection to the image while not putting too much in the way.

The Solutions :

In the pictures added into the work blog of week 7. As i have made a comment over the fact that the lens flare is strong that resembles a JJ abrams movie.


It could be seen as a minor problem if the lens flare is just to bright. However it matched the quality of the images we took as the shield was placed along multiple positions and the beem of light was turned slightly up and slightly down.

Day 2 :

We were divided once again into 4 groups and grab an authentic image resembling a shot of a movie from our choice.

The Problems :

Skipping what the others did in the group i was put into ( i have mentioned their work in my work blog post ). My picture was meant to resemble a shot from the movie Only God Forgives directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.


The problem on my perspective was that the cinematography in that movie is just far more evolved and shot in a higher quality than a Canon 700D. But Blue and Red intense lighting was a source  i needed including a cigarette. I needed curtains, a long table, chairs , a female sitting in front and other fellow students to sit in the background along the long table.

The Solutions :

We placed the light beems using blue and Red filters into the two lights pointing into the direction of the characters in the image. As i have explained in the work blog, The lights turned out to be positioned in the opposite direction in comparison to the movie image i wanted to match. I will still satisfied in what the result was.

Day 3 :

We were uploading every single shot we saved from the day beforehand onto the computer and uploaded them onto our work blogs. No problems and Solutions to mention here.


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Week 7- Techniques and solutions

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