Week 9-Work Blog

  • Day 1

Wednesday 16/03/2016

After last week’s shooting of the winter project I had an issue occurring on last Friday which is why I had to push forward the final shots of the winter project on Wednesday afternoon.

Little Flashback.

On Friday I planned to use the TV studio for a scene involving me and Evie to dance with the use of blue lights. the Camera man was going to be James Willcocks, and there would be a staff member of Canterbury college who works in the media department to adjust the lighting. That didn’t occur due to another class using this room in the afternoon of Friday. So I pushed forward the shooting on Wednesday afternoon.

So I bring my suit, book a tripod , James brought his Canon 700D and a little boom operator connected to the camera and this time the TV studio was free. I needed a staff member of Canterbury college to adjust the lighting for this case and who better other than our head tutor of the Media Department , Zoran Tesic. So at that time I though I needed a couple blue filter’s to cover the lighting.

The Blue and black aspect.

Like I said in my previous posts I wanted my winter to be 1960’s new wave mixed with retro of the 90’s playstation era.  The first half of the project was shot in black and white as our protagonist is on a mechanical journey to dance and defeat his antagonist. As the confrontation happens I wanted an area resembling a nightclub and I didn’t want black and white for those shots.  I wanted blue and black. ( Blue representing the birth or the creation of something in the semiology factor).

It was me, James, Zoran, and Evie that were ready to pull off for the final scene. Now through advice from other tutor’s using blue filter for the lighting was actually unnecessary. Because in the editing process it wouldn’t look intensely blue but using the editing and adjusting colours I could use intense blue , which is what I needed. So we used natural lighting for the shot, moved every single table out of the way , I get the music box from the music department, spared a pair of sunglasses from another student in my class ( which I brought back) and handed them over to Evie.

The Sunglasses and classy clothes aspect.

Well back in the 60’s and 50’s especially in Europe people like Godard, or Mastroianni or even Belmondo or Delon or even Oliver Reed would often wear black sunglasses to look stylish.

I wanted a sense of coolness mixed with Weirdness to my winter project which is also why I added them in.



So We took anything that was shiny out of the shot in TV studio especially behind the curtains. As James places the camera in front of the window pointing straight at the curtains. We wanted to make the shot as dark as possible except for the bright light. And we succeded

We did the first shot in which me and Evie both walk up towards the light and I put the music box down on the ground. she laughs and I hiss back. We did 4 takes due to the lighting and position of camera. With Zoran’s help the next involved dancing to the song ”Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol” I took some acting tips involving throwing my jacket away in the most free spirited way as possible then I click on the music box. We had a speaker and a computer to play the music and Jack Bown was the one who agreed to press play when action. We did 2 takes.

The last scene we shot involved me giving a reaction to winning and Evie giving a reaction to losing over the dance sequence. we did 2 takes. We had to make sure that objects or anything shiny were in the way , because when we first started the scenes in the TV studio there were chains, golden shiny foil that are also used for bright lightings and other inconveniences.

And by the end of the day I have completed every single shot that I wanted for the winter project , we put everything that we moved back including the music box and the tripod without any damages. We saved every footage including sound and saved it upon our computers ready to edit for the following day.

  • Day 2

Thursday 17/03/2016

After filming the project we started to edit. we uploaded every single shot and experimenting with every single frame i saved upon to. Playing with black and white and so forth whilst gaining the right kind of soundtrack for the right kind of scene. When I pick the music box for example, I researched songs ( quirky ) songs for the 60’s and 50’s.

After the research i had to put the opening sequence of the original Playstation 1 intro so we ( us audience ) realises that this is a video game we are going to witness. This intro was a very important part so i downloaded the video from youtube and then added the material into the editing thus being the first shot the project.

  • Sound and Background

Whilst filming the project we had Jack Bown as our boom operator. However the saving sound got mixed up within the device we were using. Meaning that when we were transferring the audio to the USB files. Some of the audio didn’t match the actual recording we produced on the day of shooting. It turns out that some of the sound recording on the card was in fact belonging to another student making his own project. So when we syncronising the sound with the footage me and Manuel ( who was helping me edit the project ) decided that we leave the sound , learn from it and take extra care when we start making the final project. So we ditched the sound and focused more on the visual aspect. In the video you shall notice very loud background noise.

  • The process.

Editing takes a lot of time. So me and Manuel were uploading files putting them in the right order and so forth and I myself was beggining to learn how Avid works. Little by little i was experimenting with colours.

  • The Colours in Editing

Black and blue was the color that i was most worried about in the final draft of the project, because i have only onced focused on color and that was during filming not during editing. But When we shooting the final dance sequence in black and blue , we used normal light. Then in the editing we turned into Blue. thus the final dance sequence is in black and blue.

Black and white was added in nearly all of the project except for the dance sequence and the last shot , which was in color. The reason being for it to be in color was due to the fact it was the big reveal of the project where we discover that it was somebody playing a video game this whole time, which is why i needed it to be in color.

Finally we managed to put the pieces of the editing puzzle together and the next day it was finalising what the project needed in colour sound and finally description.


  • Day 3

So on our final day before the end of the week , we continued our process in editing.  First ( because we have finished pieceing the scenes together despite the lack of audio recorded by theboom operator ) .  We begin the process of adding subtitles, black screens with description and finally the end credits. This took us a good 2 hours to process and complete but I wanted the right style of writing to suit the tone of the project. I also wanted to add a sense of nostalgic 90’s when the description is added , bringing the audience a sort of feel like as if they are playing a video game.

The next thing we did was the subtitles. As i have explained in previous posts that the dialogue is based on the sims even though it sounds Japanese. But i wanted every single frame that was shot in black and white and in black and blue as technical as possible. So by adding gibberish dialogue brings a more nostalgic sense, therefore i added subtitles into understanding what was going in the story and script and whenever the characters are talking. Adding subtitles into the mix wasn’t a long process.

And Finally ( One of the influence fot the project was indeed music) The music is one extremely essential key for the project. So what i did is to research the exact right kind of music for the project. which turned out well i found one from the moment i switch on the music box, i found a song that was in the movie mulholland drive that fitted the sequence when the protagonist is walking to his destination.

Then Billy Idol , Dancing with myself was one i had to put in as it represents a form of liberation and a compounding energy that matched the tone for the dance sequence.

And finally Sweet lovin by Sigala. was the final the song i had to put in the list, the reason being because in the last shot with James Wilcocks and Clhoe Turner we hear in the background Sigala’s sweet lovin. So what i wanted to do is to continue the song playing in the background only this time in full audio when the credits rolled.

Finally we finalised everything making sure that every scene was clicked together  we went through the project making sure nothing was patchy or slow or too quick and there were moments were we had to a couple of seconds more to the piece especially when the description appears and then saved the final montage and me and Manuel finished the editing. thus the video below is the final result.


Canterbury college productions.

Evaluation :

I am very happy with my video despite it flaws. But I learnt a lot during the course of making this project and can only hope to be much more prepared and motivated for the next project.















Week 9-Work Blog

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