Week 8-Techniques and solutions

  • Day 1

Wednesday 09/03/2016

There were not much Techniques on this day because everything went according to plan, everything became solutions. The influence of this project was a retro style yet mixed with 60’s new wave. That specificness i felt was achieved. However i was filming pretty quickly. And must pay attention to detail in which i did not entirely did. In certain shots we could see a another tipod in view. We could see a little wire of the boom operator Jack Bown was holding during the shots we were taking.

However in one factor that seemed like an issue at first and turned out to be a good thing. Was that in the scene we did on Wednesday afternoon, I had to laugh hysterically loud and almost manically, Manuel laugh along with me. But my laughing was so loud that in the cafeteria it was obviously distracting other people drinking their coffee so one person sitting behind Manuel litterally turned around wondering what the hell is going on. But she didn’t look at the camera. So by the end of the day when we were saving our footage on the computer, It turned out to be really funny, so i kept that in the final cut.

The ideas of day 1

Well the story evolves around a couple playing a game that is a christmas present ( thus Winter ). We the audience see what the couple sees in the video game. The story stats with the video game being played. It is only until the end we figure out what is going on. Now the first scene involves me and Manuel at the Cafeteria, with Manuel discussing to our protagonist ( played by myself ) to dance against another person.

I didn’t want normal dialogue as i have already mentioned.

The tricky aspect i had in mind for a couple of days was will Manuel be able to pull this off with the gibberish dialogue i am about to give him ? . Yes it did.

I didn’t do a rehearsal or any sorts neither wrote a script. The first day of filming were in my mind the most complex way to explain the camera man on what i envision. So i drew storyboards and handed them to James. With the dialogue i wrote it all on a piece of paper. and handed it over to Manuel the moment  we were shooting. I explained to him to try and say a word like I have an assignment for you but in sims language. The good news was Manuel managed to pull it off. I felt the in the final result Manuel gave a more subtle performance where as I went into a more over the top approach. According to most co classmates in my class , they said it sounds like Japanese.

  • Day 2

Thursday 10/03/2016

As i have said in the work blog we went to film earlier than usual in the hallways of the drama section. But there were minor real problems in the way. Except for positive solutions.

In the Afternoon we went to film in the central hallways of Canterbury College. And this took a crazy strength of confidence to do. Because it was lunch hour and everybody was walking around. Meaning people were looking in the camera. But i knew this sort of thing would happen. Last year in Level 2 i shot a clip in the reception area in Canterbury college doing multiple takes and yes , everybody were watching and the camera and in the way or walking past. It dosen’t bother me too much, because even though my ideas on where to shoot certain scenes seem a little too ambitious. The results are just what i wanted.

Except for one clip i shot that Thursday i didn’t realise until the result footage later on.

People were everywhere. And there were tools that i needed to put right in the middle of the shot meaning right in the middle of the central hallways of canterbury college like a bag i had to jump over in one clip or a music box in front of the entrance of the cafeteria. The real risky one was a pair of sunglasses ( which were mine ) i pick up in one shot and put on. That shot however was the one i was least proud with. Simply because a woman walked past the camera in a rush and looking into the shot.

That being said we shot this quickly and there were no further detail to take a larger investigation as we had to do this pretty fast, especially in the busiest hours of the day inside Canterbury college.

Every item used that day was returned in safety.

  • Day 3

We planned to film one of the key points of the project as the character finally meets his match which is Mamma Booma, she is played by Evie Wells.  I needed a location that resembled a night club. So i thought the TV studio would be a really good idea to shoot that scene.  However, the TV studio is a highly busy room due to other classes currently using this room. Th contains the lights and so forth and if you need to use the rom for lights, you have to have another staff member from Canterbury College to be the person adjusting the lights in what shot you want to provide. Friday afternoon wasn’t a possibility. The TV studio was booked until 5:00  from another class.And it was Friday meaning if i worked in that room after 5:00 , not only i will struggle to find a teacher in the media department  but also after 5:00 The canterbury college really early. So i would probably would have been kicked out ( eventually anyway ).

The Solutions on that day.

Well Since my afternoon didn’t turn out well anyway i had to tell Evie who was arriving at Canterbury college for that scene that it couldn’t be done until Wednesday the week after in that afternoon. She accepted that. James i had to contact as weel since he was going to shoot that scene as well. But luckily he was at home and i messaged him at 12;30 when the shoot was originally due at 3:00. So i had to take a pass on that Friday and wait until Wednesday on Week 8. I even took advise to shoot my scene that afternoon by one of our tutor’s because the TV studio would be free and their would be a Teacher available.


Week 8-Techniques and solutions

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