Week 8-Work Blog

  • Day 1

In this week’s blog I will tell you all about how I filmed my Winter project in the course of 3 days

Wednesday 09/03/2016

2 Nights ago I ask for my fellow friends in my class on who and can help me make my clip. I needed a camera man , a sound operator, and 7 actors to be in my clip.

So Firstly after last week’s work with the lighting especially on Thursday as I have explained in my previous blogs we went into the TV studio with a group of dedicated people. I realised I needed a camera man as patient as one of those people. So I asked James Willcocks to be the camera man for my project.

He agreed. So I hired 1 tripod and a shotgun mike for 3 afternoon’s. I didn’t need to hire a camera because it turned out that James had his Canon 700D and a microphone with a small lead.

Then I needed  somebody who could hold the sound. I asked Chloe Turner if she could be available for this. However it wasn’t that possible but she could act in on scene which also included James in that particular one. The person who ended up holding the sound was Jack Bown.

As for the Actors.

Well the plot focuses on a person who works as a dancer with a music box, ( played by myself). He is hired by his friend ( played by Manuel) to dance off against another dancer ( played by Evie Wells) The whole story is in fact a video game. In the last shot we see Clhoe sitting next to James playing video games.

And so on that day we shot our first scene.With the storyboards i beholded. First i take a tripod and a shotgun mike, and James brought over his Micro and Canon 700D.

The Location for the first shot was in Canterbury College at the Student union next to the Hair and makeup department. The shot was simple , because my vision was to provide a short clip that looks like a video game from the Playstation 1 generation nearly all my shots would be in still images. So my first shot was me and manuel walk up towards a table standing in the opposite direction and then sit still. James placed the Camera on a tripod , Jack holded the shotgun mike and James  called action and clapped his hands as we didn’t have a clapper board zoomed out grabbing everything in camera and in Focus. We did around 2 takes.

The Next shot was me sitting down and laughing then nearly manically then suddenly stopping. Reason being was because i wanted to grab an atmosphere that was similar in the cartoon of Pingu and The Sims so James placed the camera on a tripod then points on the right side of the table with me in focus and not zoomed in or out.

The Next shots were all on Manuel, first He had to laugh like me in that shot.So James placed the camera on my right pointing at Manuel.

The Funny Aspect.

As Manuel had to watch me laugh and he had to laugh himself a woman turned around during action as i was laughing wondering what on earth is going on but didn’t look in the camera. I kept that shot.

The next 2 shots broke the 180 degree rule.

I placed 2 coffees on the table 5 that were there during the entire shoot after i brought them. I had James holding the camera and standing on a chair to take the shot of the 2 coffee’s on the table in close-up. And the next shot was the first shot we took when me and Manuel towards the table opposite each other. Only this shot was me and Manuel simply drinking the coffee.

Then the next shots were all on Manuel saying the dialogue that i wrote while actually not saying it but expressing it with the sims language. It was wacky and weird to experience when we were filming this. James placed the camera on my right and Jack was holding the mike. on my left. We took a good 5 shots to capture what i envisioned.

Then the next shots were of me saying my dialogue .

We did 3 shots all together , James placed the camera on Manuel’s right and points the camera at me.

The final 2 shots were a close up of a handshake ( James placed the camera on the right side of the table ) and the same shot that was the first shot when me and Manuel met and then left.

  • Day 2

Thursday 10/03/2016

In the morning of Thursday ,I was due in to help Manuel for his shots for his project, however his co stars which were Jack didn’t appear, his other co-worker was Alvis who did. we were left with not much to do as i had my filming as planned in the afternoon. However i did had 2 more shots left containing me and Manuel. so i decided to bring the tripod i booked early and Manuel used his camera he was meant to film for his other project over and Alvis was going to be the camera man and sound operator. The shots were the last few scenes in the story, i walk out the TV studio and Manuel is all joyfull and happy giving me a hug. So Alvis places the camera on a tripod standing between the stairs and the TV studio and we did 3 takes in which i walk out then 4 more in which Manuel gives me a hug, that aspect took a little confidence until redemption.

In the Afternoon…

We went out to film the next shots which were inside Canterbury college, the first shot was in the student union. The whole video is shot in black and white. We pick up a tripod and James places the camera. On the day before we shot the scenes in colour unbeknownst to us we didn’t realise that in fact shooting in colour is better if you edit it in black and white. Not shoot in black and white and then edit that out, especially if I wanted the project in black and white.

So on day 2 we shot the scenes I organised on that day in black and white. All shots were in still images so we went to one location to another inside Canterbury College. The first shot was me walking past the camera.then the next shot I had to pick up a music box.

The Music box aspect.

As I have said in previous blogs I needed a music box to resemble a ghetto blaster back what they used in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.


So I head to the music department and asked if I could spare a music box. One of the guys i asked had an old music player on his desk that resembled the ones from the streets they used to use back in the 80’s. And it was exactly what I was looking for. I asked him if I could spare the box and he said yes, as long as you bring it back, which I did.

So the next shot we did was  a still shot in black and white in which I simply pick up a music box and press play to start the music.

The next shot was in the centre of Camera College we shot it real quick. Due to Students walking around looking towards the camera. I brought my bag over and used it as a tool to use. Like in an old game boy video game the character needs to jump over a bag to get to the next level.

The next shot was at the lockers next to the Drama department in which I pick up a pair of sunglasses and put them on then move on. James shot it in black and white and on a tripod.

The next shot after that required more people in this particular one.I needed originally 2 people in this shot and ended up having 4. I needed Louis and Callum for this shot and to dance with their heads to capture the rithym of the music playing as i am carrying a music box. I needed them to bring sunglasses and meet me and the crew in the hallways ext to the Drama department. However Callum couldn’t be available for this matter. But Louis could and ironically Manuel was also shooting his film that same day but was only in the morning. His crew were Jack and Alvis. Both of them were available in the afternoon. So i got James to place the camera right on the tripod and standing right in front of the wall next to the back entrance of Canterbury College. Alvis and Jack agreed to be in this shot as waere Louis and so i managed to find them sunglasses. Louis had his own, Manuel lended his pair to Alvis and i got some at the Drama department for Jack. Then out of nowhere A guy named Liam Caroll who is a friend of Jack just randomly appeared and wanted to be in the shot. I had already 3 guys laying their backs on the wall ready for the shot. But i thought it might be a good idea and also he had long hair and a pair of sunglasses looking very rock’n roll. So i added him in the shot. We did 2 takes in which i walk past them and them join the them laying my back on the wall and danced my head to the rithym of the playing music.

The next shot was simple, James places the camera in front of the TV studio entrance, he calls out action and i walk in , thus the scene i wanted.

After all those shots we filmed in the afternoon i still needed 1 more shot left and this one involved Clhoe Turner and James Wilcocks , who i originally wanted her to be the boom operator but wasn’t available. But i also needed he to act in one scene. This however was possible. James agreed. This shot was the final shot of the project, where the winter word is a connection as revealed that in fact the story is a video game played by a girl as a christmas present. We head into the Student union where there was a tv and an Xbox 360 with 2 wireless game dualshocks. But there were a bunch of guys in the way playing Fifa. So i kindly asked them to move ou the way as they did because we were filming there. Maunel places the camera on a tripod between the sofa and the TV pointing at James and Clhoe and we shot 2 takes and that was a wrap for the day. ( I gave all the ingredients back demanding if i could spare them for the next day which didn’t happen ).

  • Day 3

Friday 11/03/2016

Here is where the biggest problem and the biggest solution was intact for this project on that specific day. ( check out problems and solutions ).

Because of this issue, we couldn’t film on that Friday.



















Week 8-Work Blog

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