Week 7- Feedback and reflections


  • Day 1

On the first of week 7 our new task was to focus on lighting in movies.

We learnt different types of lighting on how to provide a satisfying image in the process.

  • We found out that The Revenant was indeed not shot in Natural Lighting



We were tasked by Jenny to find 3 movie images and describe the lighting and the director’s skill  to understand it’s mood and outcome.

  • Feedback over day 1
  • Whether natural or artificial light is used in making a film, it has a big influence on the look and mood that is created.
  • Lighting is responsible for significant effects in each scene
  • the symmetrical composition is reinforced by the unified effect of the lighting
  • Light can draw attention to specific areas of interest and create wonderful effects by it’s interplay with dark areas
  • Lighting can give depth to a scene, while also bringing out texture and detail in setting, décor, and clothing.
  • Low – Key Lighting ( it’s where the lighting is more towards the greyer and darker scale, where there is a good deal of shadow, and where the key light is less bright and does not dominate.
  • High Contrast Lighting ( Is where there is strong contrast between bright light and shadow, with a small amount of in-between grey scale.
  • Three-point lighting ( Three Point lighting is the standard method used in visual media such as film, still photography and computer-generated imagery.
  • Key Light ( The Main light , it provides hard light , like that from the sun on a clear day: a bright light with hard-edged shadows.
  • Fill Light ( This is secondary light and is placed on the opposite side to the key light
  • Back Light ( The Back Light is placed behind the subject and lights it from the rear.
  • Fill Light only ( The fill light is usually on the opposite side of the camera from the key.
  • Lighting Faces , lighting affects the appearance of a character, defining or diminishing facial characteristics and making faces appear attractive or unattractive.
  • Time of Day , the most obvious function of light- apart obviously from allowing us to see images-is simply to establish time of day.

Creating mood and atmosphere.

Using bright, clear, even illumination suggests sunniness, joy, and security, and is therefore frequently used for comedy.

All these factors were told from our tutor and is referenced by http://www.slideshare.net/andywallis/film-lighting-intro

Then the class was divided into 4 groups and we headed out into the LRC and we took several pictures using strong light whilst using a reflector. All the images we took are in the work blog I have just finished.


On this day I found myself more comfortable with the work but I need to finish off the last week blogs with the sound and foley task i find them complex due to my lack of knowledge over editing.

  • Day 2


  • Feedback

With whole lighting task we went to were task to take ( originally ) 3 pictures from 3 different movies and recreate it with own skills with lighting.

Then the groups got enormous to the point we had to instead take one picture each, i was put into a group of 7 containing 7 people.

That is James , Jack, Callum , Chloe , Polly and Myself.

We went into 2 locations using 1 camera that is the Canon700D which belongs to James and used 2 reflectors and 1 tripod.

The first location was under the stairs of the second floor of Canterbury college.

Jack, Callum and Chloe needed a more sinister approach to their own work , so by doing so we went under the stairwell. Jack, wanted me to be in his image by making a scene from the Blair Witch Project and used red filter , I stood in the corner just like the last shot of the movie and Jack took the picture and as I have mentioned in the work blog The Blair Witch Project was shot in black and White but Jack decided to use red filter.

Then Callum needed his shot which also featured myself and he wanted me to sit at the same wall underneath the stairs and I laid my hands upon my face , Callum took the picture as he wanted to make a similarity to the one of The Gallows. But instead of using Red filter as shown in the movie shot he used normal lighting instead.

Up next was Chloe who shot her image using severe darkness and needed James to be in the image , shot the image down below him and pointed the camera upwards to match an image from the TV series Hannibal starring Mads Mikkelsen.

Then we headed to the TV studio where we had help and strong advice from our ex-tutor Mike. Max was the next one to shoot his image and he needed an image that required a lot of moving objects and the use of lighting, so it took a good 20 minutes to set up the shot on what Max needed for his image. He had a table using a golden reflector to use as a cover up on the table. with the use of normal light, Blue filter light and Red filter. He wanted his image to match that one of Black Sea starring Jude Law. He got James on his knees and managed to get him to press his hand on the table with the covered golden reflector. The image not only resembles the movie but also it resembles an image of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark ( 1981) .


After it was my turn to take my own picture resembling the one from Only god Forgives. I needed the look of the curtains , a long table, 4 people sitting on the far left side of the table and Polly moving up front holding a fake cigarette ( we tore a piece of paper and Callum managed to roll it up, it looked like a joint ) I needed 2 Filter Lightings , one red the other Blue. Max laid a red filter upon holding a portable beem light and the blue filter light which  was above the 4 people which were James, jack, Chloe and Callum. It turned out the way I wanted it to be despite the fact that in the picture of Only God Forgives the blue light is pointing towards Kristin Scott Thomas ( reinterpreted by Polly ) and the Red upon the out the focus group in the background. In my picture, it is the reverse.

Then it was Polly’s turn to take her image matching one from Amelie ( 2001 ) as she was trying to capture yellow, A current colour used in the Filmography  of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and used a golden reflector pointing behind Chloe ( who is in the shot ).

Finally James didn’t need much help on his ne, he needed 2 actors and one holding the camera and light , that matched a scene from a sequence from an episode from Sherlock.

I took both reflector’s back including the tripod, and saved all my work on the computer via the memory card of the Canon 700D.


I discovered that because the TV studio is a rather more blacker than a lighter environment,the work feels increasingly exhausting after several hours if you are still in the same location. I had more fun in this task than the previous one and I finally feel like I am heading into the right direction with work.

  • Day 3


We carried on typing our own work blogs on what we did for the last 2 days.


We are finally going to shoot our project next week , so I guess I am just simply excited to shoot my winter project, despite the rocky ride we went through before half term.





Week 7- Feedback and reflections

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