• I have finally created a twitter account and I have currently 5 followers at this very moment. My favourite tweet is the only one I have tweeted and it’s the video I made called Hallo, a project in which I was assigned to do and I found myself very fond of because I made a short film in which the style is over the substance and plot is kept to mysterious value and I enjoyed working on that task

At this very moment my twitter account isn’t entirely successful yet. Although I had a tweet from Simon Cowell which was pretty interesting. I wasn’t really aware of the information I needed to put up on twitter and my current position on using this platform is to obey whatever I am told to do. I do not think it is the effective tool to use the video I had created because before I created an account for twitter I was rather pessimistic over twitter due to what I have heard about the site. At this very moment in time I rely on YouTube instead.

My negativity’s over this is the fact of the constant shallow posts of information people keep tweeting , like whatever they have eaten for diner or if they have just left the classroom after a yawn. It’s these sort of tips that I was more cynical than optimistic whilst creating this account.

I am proud to say that I have not much knowledge over twitter. If the short film I created was promoted online , great , if it isn’t, I am not too bothered. And I haven’t though much about twitter in the future, it all seems like a blur in my perspective.





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