Week 6 – Feedback and reflections

  • Introduction

Our first week back after half-term introduces us into sound editing. We were shown a video of a Pixar video and other videos of behind the scenes of providing the sound in movies.

  • The process of finding the matchmaking sound


Often enough in the making of movies the weather can distract from where you are filming the scene.

So sometimes it is best to record voice acting in a room then save that and edit those voices into the movie.

  • Our task

We have been tasked to record sounds inside our own environment and match up those sounds with a Pixar clip entitled lifted.

We have been trying to figure out how many sounds we needed to match up the clip of lifted and have been trying to catch every single of piece inside the video.

  • Reflections

I thought this weeks lesson was complex and interesting.








Week 6 – Feedback and reflections

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