Week 5: Work Blog – Winter Project


In this post I will talk about the work we have been conceiving over the last 3 days.


What I really found interesting was the lessons I had with Steve. He showed us some footage of Run Lola Run ( Directed by Tom Twyker ) and Amelie ( By Jean Pierre Jeunet ) We also went out and film a scene in which one of the students comes in Canterbury college and come straight back into the media room.

I had to hold the sound on that point and I learnt a couple of things of holding the non-heavy but awkward microphone. To be prepared.

In my project I will need sound equipment etc..

The Run Lola Run factor.

The whole film in my perspective is a video game


The plot surrounding a woman who has very limited amount of time to gain cash. All in different perspectives in the vain of Yojimbo.

However with it’s lead protagonist who has a punk rock style. Feels like a character straight out of valve game or tomb raider as all the other characters except for it’s leads seem like metaphors.

with a plot continuinly repeating itself the trick being a game over that starts all over again and that is where the director Tom Twyker envisioned the movie

The scene that we were shown in Run Lola Run involves a casino, a gambling bet and a surreal action occurs.

When our main protagonist is on the clock she enters a casino where she makes a gambling bet and the dice is rolling.

She then screams



What the screaming does is blow the dice away to the right spot where she will win her bet. The camera keeps on good focus upon the dice and Lola herself. The really strange part of this sequence is that no one is reacting and that is exactly what happens in video games. When you play a character in a video game or perform an impossible action, there is very little outcome.

Here are some examples in which Run Lola Run takes inspiration from ( even though these games were all made after but it’s the style of them in which Run Lola Run beholds)




All these factors will help us determine in what lies beneath the meaning of the film.











Week 5: Work Blog – Winter Project

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