WEEK 4 : Problems and solutions


This Weeks problems and solutions on my part is too pay strong attention to the films of Spielberg, Kurosawa, Jeunet and Tom Twyker.

Somehow I figured out something very interesting this week.

I call the disguise as something and my project is one of those factors

What I mean by this is that I was shown a clip of Run Lola Run and soon realised that in fact the entire film ( because I have seen it before ) Is a Video Game disguised as reality without us knowing.

That happens to a lot of movies as I soon realised here some examples of that factor

Wild at Heart ( 1990 ) A Cartoon comic book disguised as a crime drama.

Only God Forgives ( 2013) Religious fantasy disguised as crime thriller.

The Assassin ( 2016) Smooth Martial Arts disguised as a period poetic epic.

Ran ( 1986) Shakespeare’s King Lear disguised as Japanese period Jidaigeki piece.

This Winter Project is a video game disguised as black and white Italian/French new wave.

There is no real problems on this factor but it’s my plan to build it up that way

And the solution of this factor is to partially use black and white the characters wearing business suits and the music will be older music.



WEEK 4 : Problems and solutions

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