WEEK 4: Work Blog


Well this week I have to sign up into a site called twitter.

I also have managed to figure which scene is which for each location for the project.

However I am also trying to figure out how to shoot the final sequence of the pic because I need a boy and an adult as the leads. However the adult shouldn’t be as complicated.

There is also a strong influence of music.

When I started off gaining the ideas for this project  I presented it without the authenticity that I needed back then. Now however i have more pitches to nail in from.

But I will also give multiple changes in my project. The Concept remains it’s still a video game and will be shot in still images like the original Japanese games of the 90’s.

The New Ideas #

Back in the 80’s late 70’s and early 90’s I have been looking a lot about the streets of America like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and so forth and I began to notice many individuals behold a music box player that they hold on their shoulders and play hip hop music.


The protagonist of my winter project. is a man who has a task from another man to dance up against a similar man to our lead hero. Another important piece is that the hip hop factor is going to be colliding with another style. That style is a similar style to the 1960’s Europe when France was having it’s cinematic new wave and when Italy had a cool cultural vibe so I am going to mix those 2 styles up.







WEEK 4: Work Blog

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