Week 6 – Work Blog

Day 1

After half term, out main course teacher showed how to record sound and provide it into editing. he was alking about recording, sound waves and the foley sound.

Foley sound – Foley sound is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video and other audio qualities.


We also saw a very interesting video of the foley sound in lord of the rings.

After the video we watched another video shoert animation film involving 2 ballons in the desert. But what we had a small task in which we had to write down every single sound that we hear.

Then we watched another short animation film which was made by Pixar entitled Lifted.

We then were joined into a group of 4 and had to catch foley sound in the hallways of Canterbury college and match up the sounds from lifted with real life sound.

Our best sound was one of a breaking glass. We found a plastic spoon in the hallway and recorded the spoon being smashed by our class mate with a microphone.

The result sounded like a gunshot.


I wrote down a list of every thing i heard in that video. And here is what i picked up.

  • Crickets
  • Strong beat
  • Banging
  • Pen Writing
  • Horn
  • Music, Smashing
  • Chair movement
  • Tapping
  • Flick of fingers
  • Screaming
  • Quires
  • Door opening
  • Skittles cracking
  • Tree sound
  • Sniffing
  • Falling sound
  • Strong sound wave noise
  • Buzzing
  • Buton flicking sound
  • Rock band background
  • The final countdown song.
  • Air vent
  • Glass smashing

Foley sound in movies-

There has been movies surrounding foley sound like Blow out an Berberian Sound Studio both grim little thrillers


Day 2

In the morning of Thursday we carried on working on foley sound. By finishing off with catching the sound of closed doors water falling , sniffing and even wind sounds.

Then we added all those sound footage and saved them onto our computer.

This is where the difficult task came in.

We had to edit all those sounds we just recorded of the ambience of canterbury college. Use the short film of lifted which is mute and add all the sound we recorded and make our own lifted with our own sound that we catched.

Adding foley sound into edting wasn’t an easy task for somebody unfamiliar with editing.

Day 3

We carried on working on the editing the sound of Lifted all in which we had these tips in mind.

Sound and light waves

  • When sound waves hit a hard surface , they reflect off it causing an echo.
  • If the source of the sound is in motion you hear or perceive sound of higher or lower frequencies.This sensation is because of the doppler effect.










Week 6 – Work Blog



  • I have finally created a twitter account and I have currently 5 followers at this very moment. My favourite tweet is the only one I have tweeted and it’s the video I made called Hallo, a project in which I was assigned to do and I found myself very fond of because I made a short film in which the style is over the substance and plot is kept to mysterious value and I enjoyed working on that task

At this very moment my twitter account isn’t entirely successful yet. Although I had a tweet from Simon Cowell which was pretty interesting. I wasn’t really aware of the information I needed to put up on twitter and my current position on using this platform is to obey whatever I am told to do. I do not think it is the effective tool to use the video I had created because before I created an account for twitter I was rather pessimistic over twitter due to what I have heard about the site. At this very moment in time I rely on YouTube instead.

My negativity’s over this is the fact of the constant shallow posts of information people keep tweeting , like whatever they have eaten for diner or if they have just left the classroom after a yawn. It’s these sort of tips that I was more cynical than optimistic whilst creating this account.

I am proud to say that I have not much knowledge over twitter. If the short film I created was promoted online , great , if it isn’t, I am not too bothered. And I haven’t though much about twitter in the future, it all seems like a blur in my perspective.





Week 6 – Feedback and reflections

  • Introduction

Our first week back after half-term introduces us into sound editing. We were shown a video of a Pixar video and other videos of behind the scenes of providing the sound in movies.

  • The process of finding the matchmaking sound


Often enough in the making of movies the weather can distract from where you are filming the scene.

So sometimes it is best to record voice acting in a room then save that and edit those voices into the movie.

  • Our task

We have been tasked to record sounds inside our own environment and match up those sounds with a Pixar clip entitled lifted.

We have been trying to figure out how many sounds we needed to match up the clip of lifted and have been trying to catch every single of piece inside the video.

  • Reflections

I thought this weeks lesson was complex and interesting.








Week 6 – Feedback and reflections

Week 5: Techniques and solutions- Winter Project

In this week I will talk about my problems and solutions.

  • Introduction

During the last few weeks we have been learning on how to move positions of camera’s , seeing how great filmmakers use their skills for making a groundbreaking sequences and learning more so in how to edit and experimenting with camera’s whilst shooting interviews and other practises.

We were assigned to make a clip of a camera movement and here is what I edited.

Entitled Mystery Girl


  • Movement

When we were having fun playing around with the camera’s and so forth i was observing how to position the camera in how to make each scene authentic while making a story especially in the editing process.

The People

Movement with characters in one sequence  is strong key of explaining story as such as the postion of the camera. because characters guide the story on where their actions may occur etc.


In this image up above comes from a french tv series entitled Camera Cafe in which a hidden camera is settled upon a coffee machine. The entire series has the same position, location and position. It it relied heavily on script and character movements. And no VFX.


This scene however is a different scenario.as this scene comes from a feature film from a film called Cure ( 1997) directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. But with feature length films. There is way more hard work on where to position camera’s and so forth.


  • Nature and Weather

When shooting on location it is important that the weather suits the visual standard in what the director wants to provide.

If for example you need a scene  involving rain then either that the crew and team find a location suitable for the scene involving it’s theme at a place where rain occurs quite often or it is best to find equipment like showers to be used in that scene so that on camera it looks believable.


Wind distracting camera’s

A ot of the time when its windy you often find that when using a camera whilst recording. the sound of the footage is lot’s of banging wind and can realy distract on what is going on in a scene. Sometimes when you are providing a scene involving 2 people, it is best that you use a recording room to catch the voices of the actors while saying the dialogue of that scene.


As with recent films like the Revenant and The Hateful Eight . Snow ( like rain ) can distract or provide exactly what the director of the feature needs. And if there is no snow located on where you want to shoot a particular scene then it’s up to the film crew to buy fake snow to use of the film.


  • Storyboard techniques


I am experimenting my ideas in a project i am scruffing around with while drawing storyboards instead of writing screenplays.

Storyboards are essential when it comes to making the movie. Especially the action genre movies. You need to explain every single scene on how it should look by drawing one. It clearly dosen’t matter if you d not know how to draw just as long as you know where the camera is positioned and what the scene should look like.

Influences of Cinema.

This week we have been shown certain skills of a very famous filmmaker … Akira Kurosawa.


Akira Kurosawa was a highly celebrated Japanese filmmaker born on March 23, 1910 and died on September 6th 1998.

He directed 30 films and was regarded as one the most influential directors of all time.

What we learnt during this week’s course is that like the movement of characters in movie shots , Kurosawa was also a master of composition.( And Samurai films).


Every frame and every shot he provides has been examined and researched upon for ages to get the scene authentic as possible.

Kurosawa solid way of filmmaking brings belivability to it’s characters which is also why films feel more violent and grim than modern day movies as he builds a string of nuanced tension and build up.

And according to fellow directors such as Sidney Lumet and Robert Altman, nobody directs quite like Akira Kurosawa.

  • References


















Week 5: Techniques and solutions- Winter Project

Week 5: Work Blog – Winter Project


In this post I will talk about the work we have been conceiving over the last 3 days.


What I really found interesting was the lessons I had with Steve. He showed us some footage of Run Lola Run ( Directed by Tom Twyker ) and Amelie ( By Jean Pierre Jeunet ) We also went out and film a scene in which one of the students comes in Canterbury college and come straight back into the media room.

I had to hold the sound on that point and I learnt a couple of things of holding the non-heavy but awkward microphone. To be prepared.

In my project I will need sound equipment etc..

The Run Lola Run factor.

The whole film in my perspective is a video game


The plot surrounding a woman who has very limited amount of time to gain cash. All in different perspectives in the vain of Yojimbo.

However with it’s lead protagonist who has a punk rock style. Feels like a character straight out of valve game or tomb raider as all the other characters except for it’s leads seem like metaphors.

with a plot continuinly repeating itself the trick being a game over that starts all over again and that is where the director Tom Twyker envisioned the movie

The scene that we were shown in Run Lola Run involves a casino, a gambling bet and a surreal action occurs.

When our main protagonist is on the clock she enters a casino where she makes a gambling bet and the dice is rolling.

She then screams



What the screaming does is blow the dice away to the right spot where she will win her bet. The camera keeps on good focus upon the dice and Lola herself. The really strange part of this sequence is that no one is reacting and that is exactly what happens in video games. When you play a character in a video game or perform an impossible action, there is very little outcome.

Here are some examples in which Run Lola Run takes inspiration from ( even though these games were all made after but it’s the style of them in which Run Lola Run beholds)




All these factors will help us determine in what lies beneath the meaning of the film.











Week 5: Work Blog – Winter Project

WEEK 4 : Problems and solutions


This Weeks problems and solutions on my part is too pay strong attention to the films of Spielberg, Kurosawa, Jeunet and Tom Twyker.

Somehow I figured out something very interesting this week.

I call the disguise as something and my project is one of those factors

What I mean by this is that I was shown a clip of Run Lola Run and soon realised that in fact the entire film ( because I have seen it before ) Is a Video Game disguised as reality without us knowing.

That happens to a lot of movies as I soon realised here some examples of that factor

Wild at Heart ( 1990 ) A Cartoon comic book disguised as a crime drama.

Only God Forgives ( 2013) Religious fantasy disguised as crime thriller.

The Assassin ( 2016) Smooth Martial Arts disguised as a period poetic epic.

Ran ( 1986) Shakespeare’s King Lear disguised as Japanese period Jidaigeki piece.

This Winter Project is a video game disguised as black and white Italian/French new wave.

There is no real problems on this factor but it’s my plan to build it up that way

And the solution of this factor is to partially use black and white the characters wearing business suits and the music will be older music.



WEEK 4 : Problems and solutions