In this blog post I will be talking about the work that I did this week


And to be quite honest I am not to sure what the hell we are doing. But I just have to play along with authority and dance to the devil’s tune. So we are currently shooting these Interviews for the project as a form of ( I suppose ) feedback.

But I am trying to catch with my multiple errors that I provided in the last couple of blog posts that I did to catch at least a grade. However I get told so many times to get on the VLE. But there is just nothing there. I head to the briefs and figure out how to complete my blog posts. It seems I am going to have to ask my fellow colleagues to send me there posts so I can have a clear understanding on what I have to do in these blog posts, I guest that is a solution.

I will soon start taking pictures of my storyboards and then to write dialogue. But like I said in the previous posts my Winter project won’t feature dialogue but one that the expression of the emotions will by speaking gibberish.

I have also found an idea that in the last couple of scenes of my project I hope to shoot in the studio room for a dance Sequence

I have managed to find 2 of my co workers to say yes for this project. So in the last sequence my idea is that the visual aspect will be in blue. Shot just like I did in my previous  project named hallo with the colour red.

The rest of the project will be shot in black and white and every shot will be an extensive shot as in there will be no movement of camera , every single frame will be still images then cut to black and then a second later there would be the next shot. Just like Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger than Paradise.







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