WEEK 4: Feedback and Reflections


In this post I will talk about the work I have produced this week.


Well apparently we are filling up forms that are necessary in the future if we are going to film on location.

And to be quite honest that is probably the most substantial use of information I personally think we had all week.

Now every Thursday as I said in the previous post that I did for Week 3. We had to do some  interviews. For our upcoming winter project.

Now as I mentioned before I have managed to find 2 players for my project and that includes Callum O’ Neill and Manuel Fernandez.


It turns out that the interviews were in fact a test for the audio to see whether we are capable to work on them.

I am also thinking of finally finishing off my French Winter project.

Interestingly enough as I was filming and eventually editing I was indeed satisfied with the visuals but of course we no good quality of sound equipment. And during the process of editing I realised that in fact there were certain requirements to be used when I start filming



WEEK 4: Feedback and Reflections

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