As I have came with more ideas during the last week for this project here is what I have in mind so far.


Most of the time when I grab an idea that develops into one, I tend to listen to a lot of music. And watch many movies as possible.

Now this project has some influences already especially by the Twilight Zone. This project is about a video game with a simple premise but filled with ambiguity like Mad Max fury Road. It will also be shot and acted, stylised and presented into the from of a Playstation 1 video game. For this I have came up with these tips.

1# 3 or 4 years ago I saw Jim Jarmusch’s  Broken Flowers starring Bill Murray. I loved the quirk of that movie and I want to convey a similar aspect of the tone of that movie. The Project will also have some similar keys to a Wes Anderson movie.


2# Back in the 80’s 90’s of the world of video games every time a character walks into another room there will also be a black screen with the words loading caving in until the next scene in which the character is in another room. So in this topic every time the main character walks out of the camera ( FYI: every shot in the pic will not moving , it will utterly still.) the screen will turn black for a sec and in certain occasions it will be saying loading and then 2 seconds later the next shot will pop up in which the main character is in another location. The project will look like the video below.


3# There will be dialogue but not said by any character, as instead of actual talking, there will be subtitles instead . So whenever the characters are expressing themselves it will be the exact same way the characters talk from the Sims or even Pingu.But text will pop up as they speak in gibberish.


4# Music is also a strong key to this project as a lot of music shall be used. This comes back to the black screen cuts in each shot and location, because every time the protagonist enters another room or another there is a different mood to the environment he is currently being at so there for I plan to use different songs or scores that fit the mood of the location the character is inhabiting whilst keeping the tone of the piece intact.


5# The  Connection to the term Winter.

In one of the episodes of The Twilight Zone entitled Five characters in search of an exit, the premise is basically a struggle of survival as Five different characters are stuck in a large cup and the audience believes that this is a who will live and who will die synopsis but in the last few minutes of the episode a large hand picks them all up revealing that in fact they are actually toys and that the hand was from a kid. So in this aspect as we are watching this short film made like a video game the ending of this factor is that in fact a kid is playing a video game that his mother gave him for Christmas and thus the connection of winter.










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