week 2 problems and solutions

This project will be hopefully rather easier than what it seems to be.


What I have in mind is very simple shots , practically most of them will involve still shots of the protagonist walking past the frame.

Very little accidents shall ensue.

This will be shot with a tripod and every frame will be in landscape shots.

In the opening of the piece I have an idea of 2 guys chatting in about what the main character must do , this scene will enquire 2 guys , 2 chairs 1 table and 2 coffees. One of my motifs is too pay strong attention to the very little and make them big or important.

Like an attention to coffee, or even sunglasses . So in the health and safety aspect or even major problems that can cause critical harm to the camera or  physical endurances hopefully none of that is a huge worry on my perspective.

If I am lost in which how to shoot one scene or to transform the sequence in black and white. I will make sure all of those details are solved in the editing process.

The other issues that could encounter is how to make the sound quality to the right aspect , so I will make sure that I have a good microphone and somebody to hold the camera and the microphone whilst filming.

week 2 problems and solutions

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