The Problems of the idea is the quality of the video and the sound isn’t top notch.

But my ideas are simple and as I would hope ”unusual”.

I plan to shoot the project in France and make it as French as possible as suggested by my main course teacher.

As demanded, it has to be related to Winter.

I plan to film a fiction in France that is very French and is related to Winter.

The film will be a completely safe shoot.

And will be shot with a phone and the colour will be in Black and White plus there will be no dialogue. As there the audio with a phone camera isn’t in a quality to my liking.

however in the editing process I will take strong focus of the soundtrack and blur anything that is a heavy distraction to the shots I have filmed.

I have also been tasked to make a new project that I am currently struggling to find. Hopefully though I am not going to make a short film that will require a lot of locations and will severely involve health and safety issues.





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