WEEK 4: Feedback and Reflections


In this post I will talk about the work I have produced this week.


Well apparently we are filling up forms that are necessary in the future if we are going to film on location.

And to be quite honest that is probably the most substantial use of information I personally think we had all week.

Now every Thursday as I said in the previous post that I did for Week 3. We had to do some  interviews. For our upcoming winter project.

Now as I mentioned before I have managed to find 2 players for my project and that includes Callum O’ Neill and Manuel Fernandez.


It turns out that the interviews were in fact a test for the audio to see whether we are capable to work on them.

I am also thinking of finally finishing off my French Winter project.

Interestingly enough as I was filming and eventually editing I was indeed satisfied with the visuals but of course we no good quality of sound equipment. And during the process of editing I realised that in fact there were certain requirements to be used when I start filming



WEEK 4: Feedback and Reflections



In this blog post I will be talking about the work that I did this week


And to be quite honest I am not to sure what the hell we are doing. But I just have to play along with authority and dance to the devil’s tune. So we are currently shooting these Interviews for the project as a form of ( I suppose ) feedback.

But I am trying to catch with my multiple errors that I provided in the last couple of blog posts that I did to catch at least a grade. However I get told so many times to get on the VLE. But there is just nothing there. I head to the briefs and figure out how to complete my blog posts. It seems I am going to have to ask my fellow colleagues to send me there posts so I can have a clear understanding on what I have to do in these blog posts, I guest that is a solution.

I will soon start taking pictures of my storyboards and then to write dialogue. But like I said in the previous posts my Winter project won’t feature dialogue but one that the expression of the emotions will by speaking gibberish.

I have also found an idea that in the last couple of scenes of my project I hope to shoot in the studio room for a dance Sequence

I have managed to find 2 of my co workers to say yes for this project. So in the last sequence my idea is that the visual aspect will be in blue. Shot just like I did in my previous  project named hallo with the colour red.

The rest of the project will be shot in black and white and every shot will be an extensive shot as in there will be no movement of camera , every single frame will be still images then cut to black and then a second later there would be the next shot. Just like Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger than Paradise.







WINTER PROJECT Week 3- Problems and Solutions

Doubts about the project.

TIME. Time is a an absolute killer because here I am typing all this feedback and all this information. I am starting to work on my storyboards and so fourth and another difficult part of this piece is that A ,I have already shot the film in my head and B if it’s all your mind it’s arguably somewhat tedious to give all this pieces. Because right now I just want to shoot and get it over and done with.

In my project there is one worry.

The plot revolves around a kid opening his Christmas present and playing the game. We ( us Audiences ) are watching this, it’s as if it’s a POV through the kids eyes.

But my doubt isn’t exactly the making of the video game aspect. My issue is how on earth am I going to shoot the kid and his parents opening presents for Christmas ????


My only solution about this matter is that I could either replace the family hood relationship to 2 guys giving presents to each other for a nice little Christmas or something in that aspect.



WINTER PROJECT Week 3- Problems and Solutions

WEEK 3- Feedback and Reflection



Well lately so far I still stubborn on what I want to provide on my project.


All I need is to pick up the actors to play the parts.


However as we haven’t even started filming quite yet. All these interviews that we work every Thursday might be entertaining but I am increasingly finding myself into an unexcited loop. I have no interest in this whole interview team because we are filming interviews in which to me seems unnecessary because we haven’t even started filming.

I just do not see the whole point. Because I cannot see any form of substance or meaning in this whole Thursday interviews and especially not even these blog posts we have to post. Because we are just randomly inventing rather than doing.


What Feedback ? There is no actual feedback because our class have been typing the same thing for the last couple of weeks.



WEEK 3- Feedback and Reflection


With this project I have to choose an interactive media website.


I will be choosing youtube. When I have completed my task and finish the process of editing.

The research.

As I have already mentioned in the work blog post, I have been watching multiple shots of Wes Anderson films and Lego clips.

My task is ambitious on paper but what I have in mind is way more simple, the story goes straight forward , every shot is straightforward.

I did some interviews recently and all went well without any problems. I was asking questions about Christmas but more abstract ones in the process to convey the sort of material I was providing.



week 2 problems and solutions

This project will be hopefully rather easier than what it seems to be.


What I have in mind is very simple shots , practically most of them will involve still shots of the protagonist walking past the frame.

Very little accidents shall ensue.

This will be shot with a tripod and every frame will be in landscape shots.

In the opening of the piece I have an idea of 2 guys chatting in about what the main character must do , this scene will enquire 2 guys , 2 chairs 1 table and 2 coffees. One of my motifs is too pay strong attention to the very little and make them big or important.

Like an attention to coffee, or even sunglasses . So in the health and safety aspect or even major problems that can cause critical harm to the camera or  physical endurances hopefully none of that is a huge worry on my perspective.

If I am lost in which how to shoot one scene or to transform the sequence in black and white. I will make sure all of those details are solved in the editing process.

The other issues that could encounter is how to make the sound quality to the right aspect , so I will make sure that I have a good microphone and somebody to hold the camera and the microphone whilst filming.

week 2 problems and solutions


As I have came with more ideas during the last week for this project here is what I have in mind so far.


Most of the time when I grab an idea that develops into one, I tend to listen to a lot of music. And watch many movies as possible.

Now this project has some influences already especially by the Twilight Zone. This project is about a video game with a simple premise but filled with ambiguity like Mad Max fury Road. It will also be shot and acted, stylised and presented into the from of a Playstation 1 video game. For this I have came up with these tips.

1# 3 or 4 years ago I saw Jim Jarmusch’s  Broken Flowers starring Bill Murray. I loved the quirk of that movie and I want to convey a similar aspect of the tone of that movie. The Project will also have some similar keys to a Wes Anderson movie.


2# Back in the 80’s 90’s of the world of video games every time a character walks into another room there will also be a black screen with the words loading caving in until the next scene in which the character is in another room. So in this topic every time the main character walks out of the camera ( FYI: every shot in the pic will not moving , it will utterly still.) the screen will turn black for a sec and in certain occasions it will be saying loading and then 2 seconds later the next shot will pop up in which the main character is in another location. The project will look like the video below.


3# There will be dialogue but not said by any character, as instead of actual talking, there will be subtitles instead . So whenever the characters are expressing themselves it will be the exact same way the characters talk from the Sims or even Pingu.But text will pop up as they speak in gibberish.


4# Music is also a strong key to this project as a lot of music shall be used. This comes back to the black screen cuts in each shot and location, because every time the protagonist enters another room or another there is a different mood to the environment he is currently being at so there for I plan to use different songs or scores that fit the mood of the location the character is inhabiting whilst keeping the tone of the piece intact.


5# The  Connection to the term Winter.

In one of the episodes of The Twilight Zone entitled Five characters in search of an exit, the premise is basically a struggle of survival as Five different characters are stuck in a large cup and the audience believes that this is a who will live and who will die synopsis but in the last few minutes of the episode a large hand picks them all up revealing that in fact they are actually toys and that the hand was from a kid. So in this aspect as we are watching this short film made like a video game the ending of this factor is that in fact a kid is playing a video game that his mother gave him for Christmas and thus the connection of winter.