With this post I will talk about the over the shoulder shots and how we directed the people in this post and how we worked on each shot.



After understanding some of the useful information in class with the over the shoulder shot.

We were watching clips from different films like Toy Story and so forth and our task was to shoot somewhere around Canterbury college to convey these tasks.

So this patch we head inside the canteen and so our co-workers ( Henry and Louis ) were sitting in the canteen.

So in the first shot we made sure that we had henry in focus and the background to be slightly blurred whilst the camera is positioned behind the shoulder of Louis, the camera lenses is also taking focus of his shoulder. We didn’t want to make any angles or to experiment with these shots so kept it at a more accessible angle.

There was one reason originally for the fact that we shot this scene in the canteen. I wrote a script with a scene that was in the canteen and we shot over each shoulder in the multiple shots we provided.

With these images i made sure that i grabbed enough detail while respecting the regime.

We used a tripod for every single shot we took and shot some MCU.

There was no zooming for these pics. Instead we wanted the people in the images to give different reactions to hand over multiple interpretations.

There were not many students around so it wasn’t all that too distracting.


Well when we were taken these pictures i only had one thing in mind and that was  the script i wrote, the others like the idea in one particular scene so we just decided what it could look like while using Over the shoulder shots. I guess i learnt something more valuable rather than being left into a paradox.





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