In this post I will have screenshots of how to get started with Editing.



In this post I will be focusing on how to use the very complicated editing software named avid. Yep Avid.

To use avid we created 3 new ‘bins’, which are new folders. The new bins were called Video, editing and audio. I then double clicked on the footage and it puts it on the first editing window. To cut the shot we used Mark In and Mark out, which basically starts the shot then ends the shot where you choose to edit . Ctrl z undoes the action you have done, we also used J, K and L. J is reserve, K is pause and L is play forward. V is splice in and B is overwrite. We also learnt the shortcut X which extracts a complete clip out of your movie and the shortcut T which marks a clip. T is used when an editor is using 3 point editing which is marking a clip, marking it in and marking it out.
To me Avid is a frustrating one at first but eventually once you get used to it, Avid becomes increasingly addictive, although it has expanded my skills base by using something new, different and complicated. This demonstrates I can learn and show my skills by what I have explained above.
In this brief . A huge of fog of information was plunged into my mind that all I had learn what to click and must not . Knowing every little bits and pieces to put together. Sadly so much short time and so much information that I need to re-evaluate this task of editing.





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