For this project,

I will be producing different kinds of scene where the word ”Hallo” is in display. For each scene with each genre.

I will have to research each genre, as a solid tool of useful information and how I can use it’s key themes.














Key Themes…



Key Themes in Film Noir or Neo Noir ( counting recent film Noir ).

Black and White

The city streets

Males with no Future

Females with a past

Minor Happy endings

Smoking ( Lot’s of it )

Nobody is innocent.

Voice overs

Explosions of sex and violence

Stylish composition

Gloomy and moody visuals.

Complex storylines.

Smooth dialogue


Key Themes in Adventure

Grand Landscapes

Often Lengthy running times

Often based on Non Fiction or novels.

Jaw Dropping Battle Sequences.

Epic storylines

Swooping scores

A hero  and a Villain

Damsel in distress.

Similarities to Action films

Never an inch of Science Fiction or Fantasy.


Key Themes of War.

Often a sight of drama



Epic Scale

Heroic outcomes

Grand Battle sequences

Violence as Misery.

Can easily be turned into a subgenre


Key Themes in Westerns

Cool guitar played soundtrack

Men with long coats and cowboy hats

Mexican Standoffs

Extreme Chauvinism

Gritty Violence


Epic Landscapes

Often set in the middle of the 19th century in America.

Sheriff’s and Robbers


Grotesque attitudes

A god bless American speech ( Usually by John Wayne )

Extreme Close-Ups.

After researching each convention from each genre, I plan to make a minimal clip of Neo Noir with just the word Hallo and providing it with my own style and learning from my influences.

Whilst providing a matching soundtrack and to focus more on the style instead of the substance.

Here is good understanding of the  Film Noir aspect.


Here is how Action conventions are applied into a genre.

One particular sub genre in the Action unit is Martial art films or in plain English Kung Fu movies.


Here is also a good factor on the Gangster film.


Storyboards of a Musical film

Here is a couple of storyboards of a Musical film





Here is some storyboards of a Horror film





Here is the video



The way I did this is that I decided not to use any zooming , I play the male and my co worker Breaze plays the female.

My original idea for the short pic was to in fact use only one of the red lights from the TV room. However that wasn’t exactly possible.

But I Discovered from another student that you could use a light to attach on top of the camera and you could even put a red filter on the light to provide a red look, especially when all the lights are turned off.

I didn’t exactly wanted to shoot the pic in black and white. As I was stubborn enough to keep with the original plan. which was film rouge.

Or neo noir.

The plot of this clip was that Since the only words used in the task was only ”Hallo” , the male comes up towards a woman and says hallo whilst offering her a cigarette. She accepts the cigarette and replies with Hallo.

Classic Noir or Romance the male has obviously a past with this woman and thus the woman has presumably dumped him.

I made sure that the style was highly noticeable. with providing lot’s of red neon colours as not only a semiology factor but also because it suits the genre on my perspective.

In the TV studio There were these bright and black coloured curtains

David Lynch uses red curtains in his movies. As such I am a huge fan of David Lynch fan. The Curtains gave me an immediate idea of where and how to film this genre. So the clip has movie influences in the likes of Only God Forgives, In the Mood for Love and of Course Twin Peaks.



The Clip was Directed by Myself and shot by Henry Smith and stars Icarus Pryor and Breaze Openshaw.

In the hallo project. i was put into a group with Henry , George and Tarin, we all had to make one short clip while researching other genres.

As I did my neo noir , henry make a short Action clip and Tarin made a horror clip, all in which had only the word Hallo.


This task was one that evolved. I found some of unnecessary if we were researching other genres when we were just shooting one. But I thoroughly enjoyed directing my hallo project. I started off working on this blog in an undeniably messy way because I just didn’t understand how to execute it. What I didn’t want was explanation of some sorts instead I wanted examples of what I had to do. But my greatest achievement in this mission was that I finally figure out how to work with Avid.

Secondary research.


































































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