In every single department on the media whetherit’s TV or Film, every single element has to be examined and deeply researched. Every man or woman have to be prepared before ever shooting as the amout of info is highly necessary to provide a good piece of filmmaking in each department.

Firstly what makes a true classic scene

With my background of watching movies i can figure out what are really good scenes that impacted the world and are considered highly iconic. because has been living for a century and 20 years now.  So here some iconic sequences.


Survey Monkey.

I have never used Survey Monkey before and it took me a while to figure out how it worked but i manged to create a quiz for the other students however i haven’t received any others from the others.


i tried my best with Survey Monkey. But little information on what was required drove me mad. This task was arguably the least helpful.





Whenever we film outside or inside our own department,

We must make sure that we have the authorisation to shoot in public. Whenever we are taken heavy duty equipment we must ensure that the tools are returned safely and in one piece.

We must be careful on where we shoot and not to harm the equipment we carry or break our bones.

As the toos we use are extremely fragile, Any harm can cause some serious consequences.


Necessary information when it comes to using the equipment but as far as damaging ourselves physically inside the department i though it was a silly joke but if filming outside like in the woods , maybe that be unknown terror straight ahead.




With this post I will talk about the over the shoulder shots and how we directed the people in this post and how we worked on each shot.



After understanding some of the useful information in class with the over the shoulder shot.

We were watching clips from different films like Toy Story and so forth and our task was to shoot somewhere around Canterbury college to convey these tasks.

So this patch we head inside the canteen and so our co-workers ( Henry and Louis ) were sitting in the canteen.

So in the first shot we made sure that we had henry in focus and the background to be slightly blurred whilst the camera is positioned behind the shoulder of Louis, the camera lenses is also taking focus of his shoulder. We didn’t want to make any angles or to experiment with these shots so kept it at a more accessible angle.

There was one reason originally for the fact that we shot this scene in the canteen. I wrote a script with a scene that was in the canteen and we shot over each shoulder in the multiple shots we provided.

With these images i made sure that i grabbed enough detail while respecting the regime.

We used a tripod for every single shot we took and shot some MCU.

There was no zooming for these pics. Instead we wanted the people in the images to give different reactions to hand over multiple interpretations.

There were not many students around so it wasn’t all that too distracting.


Well when we were taken these pictures i only had one thing in mind and that was  the script i wrote, the others like the idea in one particular scene so we just decided what it could look like while using Over the shoulder shots. I guess i learnt something more valuable rather than being left into a paradox.






In this Post I will talk about how to become a film director.


What a Director does.#

A Film director is the man who controls the movie that is being made, the Captain of the ship. He is the one responsible of the making the vision of the film. A Film Director is the man who controls the visual aspect of the film and the one who guides the cast and crew of the film.




What you need to become a Filmmaker #

First you need to create a portfolio and you can also Participate in an internship.

You need to practise by making many short films. The other problem is that in a generation where media is everywhere it is more difficult to find an industry or a company satisfied in your own work.

You need to watch many films as possible. It deliberately becomes an obsession job where you are constantly working. You need to write , shoot and direct films as much as you can.

Then of course there is always the money issue.

But film director’s have to make crucial decisions, they have to select the right cast, crew and the locations of the film. Once in production they have to rehearse and perform with the actors.

The Lowdown’s about being a filmmaker is that it’s a tough gig to pull off because you have to carry out multiple tasks such as editing , script editing , shot composition etc. But that should also be exciting.

The Highlights of being a filmmaker is that you have to have an exceptional visual eye and creativity, you cannot be narrow minded.  You must have super commitment and being persuasive.  you will be working extremely long hours and constantly pay attention to detail.  you also have to be arrogant and super confident whilst handling pressure and being extremely calm.

Qualification for a film director#

There are numerous training courses and reference books on studying the art and craft of film directing. You will also find that writing screenplays and directing short films is a good starting place.

Where to start #

You can start your career as a director by becoming a Runner on a film set or a production office before working your way up to a higher position.

Third Director #


The role of a third director or an Assistant director is the person responsible of keeping a tracking progress. The assistant to the director is the man who manages all of the director’s development and pre production while on set.

For this you need an excellent organisational and time managing skills and have extreme common sense and initiative. You need to relate socialise to a wide range of people even if the person is unlikable. Like the main filmmaker you need to handle immense pressure.  And to have a clear knowledge of the Health and Safety procedure factor.

On a qualification note you should take regular health and safety courses and you must a full driving license.


Auteur’s Theory #

An Filmmaking auteur’s theory is a theory of the director being the major force in a huge motion picture. It was arguably created back in the 1940’s France. It was a foundation stone of the French cinematic movement.

The auteur theory, which was obtained largely from Astruc’s clarification of the concept of Camera stylo (“camera-pen”), holds that the director, who oversees all audio and visual elements of the motion picture, is more to be considered the “author” of the movie than is the writer of the screenplay.


In Criticism an auteur’s theory is a film director who beholds his own personal creation.


An Example of how an artist became a great Filmmaker #

Michael Mann.


Michael Mann has made 11 films in his career.

he is known for his unique eye for visual style , Smooth pop scores, Criminals as heroes, Cops and robbers, crime dramas such Miami Vice.



Michael Mann started working in cinema by moving to London in the 60’s where he received a graduate degree at the London film school. he worked a couple of years in the U.K. by going to film school and eventually started to make TV commercials alongside Ridley Scott, Alan parker and Adrian Lyne who also became great filmmakers. Mann returned to the united states and made a TV documentary entitled 17 days down the line.

Michael Mann then was offered by one of the creators of Hawaii five o Robert Lewin to write screenplays for television. Michael Mann wrote four episodes of Starsky and Hutch including the pilot.

Michael Mann was offered then to direct his first feature for TV entitled The Jericho Mile back in 1979. it won several awards including best director at the DGA awards. when the 80’s came by it was the time when Michael Mann was beginning to make his name. he became one of the creators of a TV show called Miami vice and then in 1981 Michael Mann made his first cinematic feature entitled Thief starring James Caan.

from there on end Michael Mann made these list of movies

Thief (1981)

The Keep (1983)

Manhunter ( 1986)

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

Heat (1995)

The Insider (1999)

Ali (2001)

Collateral (2004)

Miami Vice (2006)

Public Enemies (2009)

Blackhat (2015)

All these films gained critical praise and Michael Mann I currently working in the cinematic medium today.

One more note on becoming a filmmaker#

Observing successful Directors at work, whilst immersing yourself in the practical process of filmmaking is a vital first step on this fiercely competitive and highly challenging career path.

When being an assistant director it is vital to observe successful Directors at work, whilst immersing yourself in the skillfull  and practical process of filmmaking. It is a vital step and deeply competitive factor especially in this day and age.


This post was my most psychologically difficult blog because I had to respect authority over something that I wanted to talk personally about especially when it comes to my personal passion.














In this post I will have screenshots of how to get started with Editing.



In this post I will be focusing on how to use the very complicated editing software named avid. Yep Avid.

To use avid we created 3 new ‘bins’, which are new folders. The new bins were called Video, editing and audio. I then double clicked on the footage and it puts it on the first editing window. To cut the shot we used Mark In and Mark out, which basically starts the shot then ends the shot where you choose to edit . Ctrl z undoes the action you have done, we also used J, K and L. J is reserve, K is pause and L is play forward. V is splice in and B is overwrite. We also learnt the shortcut X which extracts a complete clip out of your movie and the shortcut T which marks a clip. T is used when an editor is using 3 point editing which is marking a clip, marking it in and marking it out.
To me Avid is a frustrating one at first but eventually once you get used to it, Avid becomes increasingly addictive, although it has expanded my skills base by using something new, different and complicated. This demonstrates I can learn and show my skills by what I have explained above.
In this brief . A huge of fog of information was plunged into my mind that all I had learn what to click and must not . Knowing every little bits and pieces to put together. Sadly so much short time and so much information that I need to re-evaluate this task of editing.






For this project,

I will be producing different kinds of scene where the word ”Hallo” is in display. For each scene with each genre.

I will have to research each genre, as a solid tool of useful information and how I can use it’s key themes.














Key Themes…



Key Themes in Film Noir or Neo Noir ( counting recent film Noir ).

Black and White

The city streets

Males with no Future

Females with a past

Minor Happy endings

Smoking ( Lot’s of it )

Nobody is innocent.

Voice overs

Explosions of sex and violence

Stylish composition

Gloomy and moody visuals.

Complex storylines.

Smooth dialogue


Key Themes in Adventure

Grand Landscapes

Often Lengthy running times

Often based on Non Fiction or novels.

Jaw Dropping Battle Sequences.

Epic storylines

Swooping scores

A hero  and a Villain

Damsel in distress.

Similarities to Action films

Never an inch of Science Fiction or Fantasy.


Key Themes of War.

Often a sight of drama



Epic Scale

Heroic outcomes

Grand Battle sequences

Violence as Misery.

Can easily be turned into a subgenre


Key Themes in Westerns

Cool guitar played soundtrack

Men with long coats and cowboy hats

Mexican Standoffs

Extreme Chauvinism

Gritty Violence


Epic Landscapes

Often set in the middle of the 19th century in America.

Sheriff’s and Robbers


Grotesque attitudes

A god bless American speech ( Usually by John Wayne )

Extreme Close-Ups.

After researching each convention from each genre, I plan to make a minimal clip of Neo Noir with just the word Hallo and providing it with my own style and learning from my influences.

Whilst providing a matching soundtrack and to focus more on the style instead of the substance.

Here is good understanding of the  Film Noir aspect.


Here is how Action conventions are applied into a genre.

One particular sub genre in the Action unit is Martial art films or in plain English Kung Fu movies.


Here is also a good factor on the Gangster film.


Storyboards of a Musical film

Here is a couple of storyboards of a Musical film





Here is some storyboards of a Horror film





Here is the video



The way I did this is that I decided not to use any zooming , I play the male and my co worker Breaze plays the female.

My original idea for the short pic was to in fact use only one of the red lights from the TV room. However that wasn’t exactly possible.

But I Discovered from another student that you could use a light to attach on top of the camera and you could even put a red filter on the light to provide a red look, especially when all the lights are turned off.

I didn’t exactly wanted to shoot the pic in black and white. As I was stubborn enough to keep with the original plan. which was film rouge.

Or neo noir.

The plot of this clip was that Since the only words used in the task was only ”Hallo” , the male comes up towards a woman and says hallo whilst offering her a cigarette. She accepts the cigarette and replies with Hallo.

Classic Noir or Romance the male has obviously a past with this woman and thus the woman has presumably dumped him.

I made sure that the style was highly noticeable. with providing lot’s of red neon colours as not only a semiology factor but also because it suits the genre on my perspective.

In the TV studio There were these bright and black coloured curtains

David Lynch uses red curtains in his movies. As such I am a huge fan of David Lynch fan. The Curtains gave me an immediate idea of where and how to film this genre. So the clip has movie influences in the likes of Only God Forgives, In the Mood for Love and of Course Twin Peaks.



The Clip was Directed by Myself and shot by Henry Smith and stars Icarus Pryor and Breaze Openshaw.

In the hallo project. i was put into a group with Henry , George and Tarin, we all had to make one short clip while researching other genres.

As I did my neo noir , henry make a short Action clip and Tarin made a horror clip, all in which had only the word Hallo.


This task was one that evolved. I found some of unnecessary if we were researching other genres when we were just shooting one. But I thoroughly enjoyed directing my hallo project. I started off working on this blog in an undeniably messy way because I just didn’t understand how to execute it. What I didn’t want was explanation of some sorts instead I wanted examples of what I had to do. But my greatest achievement in this mission was that I finally figure out how to work with Avid.

Secondary research.