How Sound [ Conveys ] meaning in C.M. P ?

The Sound in the media can provide a high sense by digging into the emotions all based on the sound you can hear.

Like With Music there are several pieces of scores or sounds to listen to that can make you cry , weep , laugh, scream and even confuse.

Music can also provide dialogue as the sound effects from the scene provides what is key to what is demanded from the script. Say if for example : On the script it would say a scene of pure tension and thus the score would need to provide a stunning tension filled to match it’s set piece. Soundtrack’s for the movies are quintessential.

There are 2 sorts of Soundtracks, There are the scores of the films from actual composer’s like Danny Elfman or Cliff Martinez. Then the 2nd is Actual songs borrowed from others like Tarantino or Scorsese with their Rock’n roll style by adding a cocktail of Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

Film Genres and Sound :

Westerns are well known for it’s sound, like the wind the isolation poetic dreamlike sense when you hear footsteps walking and you can vaguely hear the swooping wind in the background, blowing the bushes.

Here are some examples of some iconic sound effects that made particular scenes from very highly rated movies.

One of the Great Masters Masters of Sound when it comes to movies is none other than the great David Lynch especially with this scene from Mulholland Drive.







Or Even with Leos Carax ‘s Motion capture sequence with Holy Motors


There is even The surreal Train Sequence in Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray



Horror is also well known for sound sequences. like in this surreal clip from the Russian film Night Watch by Timur Bekmambetov



Why Sound is strongly effective in a scene.

In one scene from the movie Death Sentence ( 2007 ) by James Wan

Kevin Bacon’s character decides to strike vengeance against some perpetrators. For that he heads into a shed and starts loading up some guns including reloading and uncharging. He is plotting revenge against his foes. For that the sound needs to put be a crucial element of the piece . As the Atmosphere is put together the sound needs to have a revenge like moody , angry score and also provide a heavy quality in sound atmosphere.



Another example is from the Larry Clark film Kids (1995)


Set in New York. In this scene the atmosphere is the opposite of Death Sentence. We are outside and the surrounding is teenage kids, swearing , drinking, smoking and so on. The Soundtrack of the movie is from Lou Barlow, and the essential key in this sequence is to hear the loud noises occurring in the area of talking and yelling. To provide an urban realistic atmosphere and to capture the naturalism on how these teen talk and hang out.  Kids is a film with strong atmosphere.











Interesting task and lesson on how sound provides 60 per cent of the movie.




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