I am going to  talk about how  people are represented in movies. The stereotypes that you usually tend to find in features especially in the mainstream business.

Whether it’s racial or sexual there always seems to be a character with a stereotype that in real life doesn’t exactly exist.

Here are some examples.

1: The Sexy Foreigner

Yep some how in movies whenever a character heads t a foreign country outside their own. Usually in America, they always meet that sexy charming foreigner with a smooth accent.

With Men they always get what they want when it comes to sexual orientation thanks to their tone and vibrant presence.

Where as the female seem to be free spirited about love and nudity. And they usually tend to have a tanned skin and shockingly beautiful.( I have been living in 2 countries and that’s not quite the case ) Oh and they are sexually aggressive.


There are multiple films that convey all these

2: The Immigrant convenient store owner

Somehow there is always a foreigner in snack store’s or grocery shops as the owner’s  are either Indian or Chinese. And usually whine and moan and are fairly aggressive in certain manners and rather dim witted.


3: The over the top gay man in movies.


In movies or the mainstream of movies if it’s not a film about homosexuality then in mainstreams movies if action or comedy you may find a gay character who portrays gay men in a way too over the top form in there manners and gestures. It’s a rather offensive factor.

Here are some films that represent gay men in a stereotypical way for good and for the bad.

MV5BMTgxMjQ4NzE5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzkwOTkyMQ@@__V1_SX640_SY720_ Joseph Gordon Levitt’s finest performance as a boy abused and eventually turns into a prostitute. Not a Pleasant movie but a vital one.


movieposter Oscar Winning film starring Sean Penn as Gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

8357536481_52f044ecc2 An Undercover cop is hunting down a serial gay killer , murdering men in the subculture of the gay underworld.


Pedro Almodovar is a director known for his weird sensual psycho sexual storytelling. And Bad Education is certainly one of those features who provides that piece.


My own private Idaho is also one of these movies that talks about the lives of 1 homosexual and the other bisexual.

53096 And There is also Thrillers that deal with homosexuality like Xavier Dolan’s Tom at the Farm.


4: The Neurotic Jew

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because since Woody Allen back in the 70s His character is always chatty, intellectual and very vulnerable


MV5BMjAwODUxMjA0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjIyMzY3Mg@@__V1_SX640_SY720_ A serious man directed by the coen brothers concerns on a jewish family. They are highly intellectual and play all the clichés of any Woody Allen movie.

crimes-and-misdemeanors_19215 Crimes and Misdemeanors is a film by the one and only Woody Allen and concerns about existentialism and features rabbi’s .


5: The Materialistic woman

There is always a posh bimbo hanging around in most American comedies in the modern generation . Where the mall is the best place on earth and a male’s wallet is worth more than his physique and mentality.



Here are a couple of features dealing with materialism with women.

confessions-of-a-shopaholic-01 Confessions of a shopaholic is another film that represents a cliché with materialistic women.

olly-moss-sex-in-the-city1 Sex and the City 2 is a fim extremely well known for it’s posh characters.


7: Everyone in Africa is uncivilised or a warlord .

Yep in Hollywood Africa is not certainly not the greatest continent in the world. There is constant firebullets storming in. Graffiti vandalises the entire streets .And the slums and multiple districts  are packed with Thug like gangsters.


Here are a couple of examples of what kind of film represents  Africa as a crime slum.

District 9_6 District 9 is a science fiction film set in Africa. And the streets are oozing with gangsters and thugs.


8: In Fantasy movies everybody has to be white.

Is there one famous fantasy film in which the main character or (s) are black ?


Whether it’s Harry Potter, Watchmen,Twilight or The Maze Runner. It is extremely rare to find a black person as one of the characters in the movie. And that is a really negative aspect since it’s arguably racist.


  • The Buisness in relation to the stereotype

For all of these stereotypes. Hollywood seem to have it’s limits when it comes to the mainstream cinematic culture. It has changed lately though with a Black President and Women winning oscars ( Kathryn Bigelow first oscar winner in 2010 for The Hurt Locker ) Mainstream is slowly diverting into a positive aspact in human rights. It’s not quite perfect yet though mind you. Director like Michael Bay seem to not understand this concept and The Company’s love the money for good buisness . So if the Audience loves something it is up to the company to provide that instinct and thus making constant repetitive sequels and remakes and giving the same loop of sterotypes.

  • Hegemony

Hegemony according to http://hegemonichollywood.blogspot.co.uk/ is a concept stating that a culturally diverse society can be dominated and ruled by one superior social class.This ruling class can manipulate the societal beliefs, values,thoughts and behaviors so that their views are imposed as the societal norm.This norm is perceived as a valid ideology that benefits everyone. When in fact it benefits the rulling class.

  • Antonio Gramsci


First he was a heavy influence to one of the most controversial Italian directors of the 60’s -70’s  ( Pier Paolo Pasolini)

But he is best known for his theory of Cultural Hegemony , he was one of the most important marxist thinkers of the 21 century and  wrote more than 30 notebooks including 3000 pages he though that cultural hegemony was a means of legitimism of the capital state and was a critique of historical materialism.


Entertaining concept about the industry and how our class were taking notice of facts in movies that we didn’t realise.





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