As Far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a filmmaker…

  • Icarus Pryor born July 31st , 1994

Moved into France onAugust in  the year 2000 when i was 6 years old.

15 Years later i move back to the U.K. after experiencing a series of confusion, frustration, the lost of innocence, How some people are destined to be narrow minded losers, How people take strong dedication into what they want to do ( For the best and for the worst ) for the rest of their lives and realising that all of these factors are somehow reasurringly helpful to what is about to come ahead of me.

After an intense year in Drama i move into the U.K. by myself without my family but with their help on rent i manage to get myself into Canterbury college.

Something i should have known years earlier.. But i found this info on a site and went through an opening day.

I get Accepted into Level 2 Media. In Which compared to Drama into the year beforehand , this one was much more simple.

I manage to get into a Level 3 Film & TV course and now here i am… And without a doubt it’s not as easy. But if you want to make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.

What do i plan to do after i succeed my course in Level 3 ??? Well I paln to head to Greenwich University in London. And in any cases after if i get into Level 3 year 2 then i plan to make a list of opening days so i can head to different Uni’s consisting Media in London in cases i can’t get into Greenwich and if also i find one Uni more interesting than the latter.

All i know is that i want to move into London and study Cinema .


  • Film Projects after University

After I finish University and get the degrees I need into filmmaking. I plan to make only 12 movies in mind. Because as a kid I received a movie calendar in which it consisted of 70’s movies one each month.

My mission is to create a speaking calendar through film.  By providing only 12 movies written and directed by Icarus Pryor with very different genres  from each other.

My first movie to direct that I have in mind is a drama . Why ? Because the weather in January is moody,cold, wet  and often melancholy.

I also tend to believe in Astrology and I find capricorn’s to be friendly yet excruciatingly sensitive.  Sensitive = anger , crying and melodrama ergo January would be a perfect match for Drama.

And the subject I have in mind for the Drama genre is a story set in the mid 70’s about a boy who lives with a limited bourgeois family and since his free spirited is an issue to their narrow minded strict regime, he is sent into an institute. Their he befriends with another boy his age and plan to escape the institute and flee to New York. There he and friends get involved with street rats and cause minor petty crime but the boy finds a passion in Graffiti and as a result is excellent in street art. So he and his friend embark on a journey to create a street gang of illegal Graffiti artists in New York in the 1970’s



My next film is a Film noir thriller. In February it’s always rainy and moody most thrillers and dramas consist of rain in the streets and Noir usually has all these elements. Instead of putting Feb as Drama due to rain. I tend to find that rain has a stylistic value when seen visually. Because Blade Runner and The Crow are one of the most stylish films ever made and they are more thriller than drama and it’s constantly raining in those movies.

I haven’t got much detail into the thriller one but all I know is that it would be shot in low quality  black and white and set in the early 60’s either in the streets of New York or Paris that makes it a French speaking film and happen in the course of one night only that involves a chain smoking rookie Private investigator and a beautiful prostitute.


Hopefully if those films are successful. I plan to make my ultimate passion project that is a Science Fiction.

March in French means Mars, meaning that When we talk Mars that tends to relate to space and Martians and that genre is Science Fiction.

So This story would be an epic Science Fiction set in a cyberpunk future where technology reigns supreme. What would involve this story consists of betrayal, Time Travel, Experimenting, Hacking, Love, rise , fall, Virtual reality as the ultimate drug , The heart of Lightness and The Heart of Lightness.


Next I plan to make a Comedy as my 4th feature.

It will focus on a low quality school in the country side of France where every student and every guard and teacher are narrow minded futureless morons. Every boy has the same hairstyle and pace towards their phones and the girls are pathetic bimbos.

One day an entire army of 60’s styled hippies invade the school as the new classmates and residents of the town.


After that I plan to make an Action film in the vain of a John Woo and Gareth Evans.

It would be set in Hong Kong and would be a martial arts flick set in the urban environment that pays homage to the early 70’s and 80’s Chinese action cinema. in which the lead character starts off as a Sheldon Cooper-esque limited nerd and metamorphs into a super badass. No detail on this one yet.


My sixth feature would be a Western.

It wouldn’t be a dialogue driven movie. Instead it would be a very simple Western in which style is over substance. It would be near the Mexican Revolution and shot in Technicolor.


My 7th feature would be a Quirky Romance flick in the vain of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil , Jean Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love in which one man encounters a woman one night and falls madly in love that he ends up having to travel across the world to find her.


My 8th Feature would be an Adventure film set in the Tropical immense humid Jungle.

It would focus on an Aboriginal who awakens in the sea and is washed on an island. There he meets another Aboriginal who is blind and together they embark on a journey across the jungle and discover a huge city which is filled with Aboriginals and vibrates with pure atmospheric techno music.


My 9th film would be a Gangster flick.

The plot would centre around 5 gangsters one each from all 5 continents and pull off heist at a card game. It all goes however and thus survival, betrayal. Who kills whom are right around the corner. The film would be set in Miami in the 80’s.


My 10th film would be a Horror flick.

The plot is a dark and disturbing feature that involves kink. Leather, Homosexuality, The Heart of Darkness it Focuses on a 13 year old boy who gets kidnapped after a picture of his private parts are spread on the internet and tries to escape a dungeon filled with sociopaths, skin headed freaks, rapists and masked killers.

It’s not a pleasant subject but to my point of view with Horror films, they need to have a subject that makes people uncomfortable and unease whether it’s disturbing or scary.

The plot is influenced by the likes of Cruising , Irreversible the video game Manhunt and A Serbian Film.


For My 11th , the genre would be a Fantasy piece.

I don’t have much detail on the title is called Blue hotel in which focuses on one strange night in which a hotel in the midst of the American desert includes some strange customers, like smooth and slick magicians, guitar playing leather jacket wearing heartthrobs, a cartoon character named Pyjama man, A circus woman, a guru , a neon littered maze, greek mythology, a dragon, a dinosaur, men dressed as elephants and an opera show.  It’s Inspired by the work of David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Jarmusch, Alice in Wonderland,

Federico Fellini, and the music of Chris Isaak.


And Finally my final feature will be a War film centered on WW1 in the trenches during a snowy winter.


If I manage to make all these films before I die I plan to retire and hopefully live my Wife and kids and even grandkids for that matter somewhere in the city rather than in the country side happily ever after.




































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