-Sound Engineer

  • Sound Assistant ( Assistance )
  • Sound Engineer
  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Designer ( Director of Sound )

How to become one – Give Examples -Tell what they are- Find a Suitable degree or two.

Evaluation: Say how to use this knowledge. Critically evaluate a range of practices and methods.

Sound Engineer

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Sound Engineer’s often work independently and works closely with producers or the Directors of Feature films. They take their main concern with recording the sound , manipulating the sound , mixing the sound and reproducing the sound. Whether it’s film or an actual song the sound engineer needs to provide. They can creatively use sound as there own purposes. It’s the same thing for Video games, radio, television, music, electronic products.

How to become a Sound Engineer.

First you will need a good knowledge of music and recording technology. You will also need a fair amount of good knowledge on electronics and physics.

You will need a heavy degree of in sound designing and sound mixing.

Such a Level 2/3 Certificate/Diploma in Sound and Music Technology. A Level £ Diploma in Music Technology and Sound Engineering.

But Audio engineers need good acoustics , computer science. They may need a good level of Maths knowledge for that matter since it’s all pushing buttons and Acknowledging the sound with the mixed tapes they can use. You may need a good degree in the arts since Art requires creativity and such does for the soundtracks you need to record.

You can also build up a sheer amount of experiences throughout these courses like going to community events or DJ projects or going to a hospital or a community radio. And Mixing and recording music in a home studio.

  • Sound Assistant

The Sound Assistants or TV sounds assistants work with Sound Supervisors and the Boom operators to record and catch the best quality sounds in the studios or on any locations]

Sound Assistants have to be able carry out many assembles like sound equipment. setting up sound equipment address public systems and even positioning microphones and getting it’s sound quality right.


In the World of Sound Assistant, The Jobs in TV generally fall into two aspects . There is the production and then there is the post production.

The highs of a Sound Assistant.

Attention ( Extreme Strong attention ) is required.  especially when it comes to detail. You also need an excellent hearing. And be extensively patient and highly reliable. You need good knowledge of it’s requirements and it’s safety legislation and procedures.

The Lows of a Sound Assistant.

Sadly you will have to record the best quality sound in studios or on locations and working very closely with Sound Supervisors and of course Boom operators.

– Boom Operator


With Boom Operators they assist the production sound mixer and they operate the boom microphone. Mostly it is hand held with long arms or even dolly mounted on moving platforms. They position the sound mixers and they can capture the best quality within it’s sound effects moments like with dialogue or even action sequences but just mainly Dialogue.

The Highs of a Boom Operator.

To become a boom operator you will need a basic understanding of electronics and have a good working knowledge of every single sound with it’s recorded equipment.

You will need a really good memory and have a good timing whilst being able to participate into many aspects of the world of sound. You will need to heavily understand how to use a microphone and have extremely good physical stamina , dexterity and agility. You also need to understand. Understand the relevant health and safety issues.

The Lows of a Boom Operator.

The tough part of being a boom operator is positioning the microphones during filming and standing still with the arms often up in the air when a sequence is being shot. It can be clumsy in moments but you have to make sure that microphones do not get into the way of Actors or the cameras. and of course you have to take strong care over the sound equipment.

  • Sound Designer

Those infamous Special Effects you may find in certain films like Spider man or Star wars are all thanks to the sound designer’s. They are responsible for providing sound on screen action. the Designer’s usually work with Sound Editors. So when it comes to big budget special effects movie ( It can happen before the shooting takes place ) The sound editors and Designer’s would come into display.

Now one of the 1st tasks of a sound Designer is to identify 3 different kinds of effects needed like gunshots , someone being punched or an explosive car crash. They sometimes need to find the right kinds of sounds that we cannot provide in reality especially when it comes to Fantasy or Science Fiction. So say for example there is a huge Alien wrecking and freaking out the people in a scary , monstrous sequence. It’s the job of The sound Designer to give a noise of the alien to add into the picture through the editing.

The Way to become a sound designer is to learn about the job , be a rookie or a junior. You have to have a little love over music. And a passion for sounds in TV and Movies. You need to study on where these wonderous moments came from . You will likely start off in a cutting room or in an audio post production facility house. Now once you have the craft you can soon move up to a pristine. Supervising sound editor. then therefore a Sound Designer. And as for qualifications you will at least need a B minus.

The Highs of a Sound Designer .

First and foremost you need a good understanding of acoustics and have a genuine enthusiasm for sound and film. You need an Excellent listening skill and Excellent communication skill.  And Understand the relevant health and safety laws ( just like the Boom Operator ).

The Lows of a Sound Designer.

Well you will be creating sound effects for largely giant explosions or heavy wind. You will need more creative subtle sounds and to enhance mood and feeling. And you will need to provide patients by providing sound post production processing.

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