Semiology is the science that deals with languages and imagery.


For example in the image above which is from Stanley Kubrick’s Last film Eyes Wide Shut (1999) It’s Characters are Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise’s character at one point heads into the night in New York ( Although it was shot in London ). And finds a bizarre orgy ball room in which every character are wearing masks straight out of Venice. Out of all the disturbing imagery. We Witness Tom Cruise walking through a hallway hazed with orgy’s and many sexual activity while every persona is wearing masks. Then Tom Cruise is suddenly caught and taken to the mansion’s head chief. So in this shot everybody are pacing in deadpan stillness in wide circle and in the centre are 2 guards and in the middle is the chief wearing red. Now the colour red represents death/ blood/ hatred. It can also mean Love/ Passion.  The blue in which the chief’s bodyguards are wearing Blue means tranquillity, the newity of it all. Making the chief the master and the guards the followers. So In that sense from it’s building tension as the camera slowly moves forward the image could mean. That the Red will strike something absolutely horrifying because of red’s meaning with blood. Or that the man in red with take action by producing a nice loving gesture. thus Red can also mean Passion/Love.


Now here is a better example. from the images above Krzysztof Kieslowski directed a trilogy known as The Three Colours trilogy. On the image covered in Blue. It’s Character has gone through trauma and is trying to find a new beginning which is where the colour blue comes in representing the birth of something or a new path of life. so when she is recovering from her grief in the pool ( As you see in the image ) the colour blue could also represent that everything will be ok later on. despite the fact the film starts in a bleak description.

In the Second image which is White. An Innocent character finds himself in a source of jeopardy or is he ? White represents innocence so the picture above the woman in blonde with sharp red lipstick and wearing black including a black glove. could mean that evil is in an innocent environment.

Finally. In the last image in which is Red. In this case scenario with the film our character is in the midst of a commercial. with Kieslowski’s final film Red in this case means Love and Passion because unlike the girl in Red from Schindler’s List , Scorsese and Kubrick’s use of red and Refn’s Neon litted Only God Forgives Meaning all evil , hatred , Anguish and utter dread whilst bathed in Red. This time Red is passion as the film enigmatically shows and such is the fact for this shot.


Finally in the image above that comes from Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point. In the end everything explodes in slow motion into the mind of a woman hoping the destruction of limitations. So In this pic every small thing coming straight out of what we see in commercials blows up into smithereens. Food , plates,  rich perfumes, saucers etc…


Peer Assessment

Joe Dabbs – Well chosen examples and have analysed very well especially on the colours portrayed in the stills and their meaning. Need to work on varying sentence length, there are too many short sentences where u have over used the full stop.



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