How Sound [ Conveys ] meaning in C.M. P ?

The Sound in the media can provide a high sense by digging into the emotions all based on the sound you can hear.

Like With Music there are several pieces of scores or sounds to listen to that can make you cry , weep , laugh, scream and even confuse.

Music can also provide dialogue as the sound effects from the scene provides what is key to what is demanded from the script. Say if for example : On the script it would say a scene of pure tension and thus the score would need to provide a stunning tension filled to match it’s set piece. Soundtrack’s for the movies are quintessential.

There are 2 sorts of Soundtracks, There are the scores of the films from actual composer’s like Danny Elfman or Cliff Martinez. Then the 2nd is Actual songs borrowed from others like Tarantino or Scorsese with their Rock’n roll style by adding a cocktail of Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

Film Genres and Sound :

Westerns are well known for it’s sound, like the wind the isolation poetic dreamlike sense when you hear footsteps walking and you can vaguely hear the swooping wind in the background, blowing the bushes.

Here are some examples of some iconic sound effects that made particular scenes from very highly rated movies.

One of the Great Masters Masters of Sound when it comes to movies is none other than the great David Lynch especially with this scene from Mulholland Drive.







Or Even with Leos Carax ‘s Motion capture sequence with Holy Motors


There is even The surreal Train Sequence in Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray



Horror is also well known for sound sequences. like in this surreal clip from the Russian film Night Watch by Timur Bekmambetov



Why Sound is strongly effective in a scene.

In one scene from the movie Death Sentence ( 2007 ) by James Wan

Kevin Bacon’s character decides to strike vengeance against some perpetrators. For that he heads into a shed and starts loading up some guns including reloading and uncharging. He is plotting revenge against his foes. For that the sound needs to put be a crucial element of the piece . As the Atmosphere is put together the sound needs to have a revenge like moody , angry score and also provide a heavy quality in sound atmosphere.



Another example is from the Larry Clark film Kids (1995)


Set in New York. In this scene the atmosphere is the opposite of Death Sentence. We are outside and the surrounding is teenage kids, swearing , drinking, smoking and so on. The Soundtrack of the movie is from Lou Barlow, and the essential key in this sequence is to hear the loud noises occurring in the area of talking and yelling. To provide an urban realistic atmosphere and to capture the naturalism on how these teen talk and hang out.  Kids is a film with strong atmosphere.











Interesting task and lesson on how sound provides 60 per cent of the movie.





As Far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a filmmaker…

  • Icarus Pryor born July 31st , 1994

Moved into France onAugust in  the year 2000 when i was 6 years old.

15 Years later i move back to the U.K. after experiencing a series of confusion, frustration, the lost of innocence, How some people are destined to be narrow minded losers, How people take strong dedication into what they want to do ( For the best and for the worst ) for the rest of their lives and realising that all of these factors are somehow reasurringly helpful to what is about to come ahead of me.

After an intense year in Drama i move into the U.K. by myself without my family but with their help on rent i manage to get myself into Canterbury college.

Something i should have known years earlier.. But i found this info on a site and went through an opening day.

I get Accepted into Level 2 Media. In Which compared to Drama into the year beforehand , this one was much more simple.

I manage to get into a Level 3 Film & TV course and now here i am… And without a doubt it’s not as easy. But if you want to make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.

What do i plan to do after i succeed my course in Level 3 ??? Well I paln to head to Greenwich University in London. And in any cases after if i get into Level 3 year 2 then i plan to make a list of opening days so i can head to different Uni’s consisting Media in London in cases i can’t get into Greenwich and if also i find one Uni more interesting than the latter.

All i know is that i want to move into London and study Cinema .


  • Film Projects after University

After I finish University and get the degrees I need into filmmaking. I plan to make only 12 movies in mind. Because as a kid I received a movie calendar in which it consisted of 70’s movies one each month.

My mission is to create a speaking calendar through film.  By providing only 12 movies written and directed by Icarus Pryor with very different genres  from each other.

My first movie to direct that I have in mind is a drama . Why ? Because the weather in January is moody,cold, wet  and often melancholy.

I also tend to believe in Astrology and I find capricorn’s to be friendly yet excruciatingly sensitive.  Sensitive = anger , crying and melodrama ergo January would be a perfect match for Drama.

And the subject I have in mind for the Drama genre is a story set in the mid 70’s about a boy who lives with a limited bourgeois family and since his free spirited is an issue to their narrow minded strict regime, he is sent into an institute. Their he befriends with another boy his age and plan to escape the institute and flee to New York. There he and friends get involved with street rats and cause minor petty crime but the boy finds a passion in Graffiti and as a result is excellent in street art. So he and his friend embark on a journey to create a street gang of illegal Graffiti artists in New York in the 1970’s



My next film is a Film noir thriller. In February it’s always rainy and moody most thrillers and dramas consist of rain in the streets and Noir usually has all these elements. Instead of putting Feb as Drama due to rain. I tend to find that rain has a stylistic value when seen visually. Because Blade Runner and The Crow are one of the most stylish films ever made and they are more thriller than drama and it’s constantly raining in those movies.

I haven’t got much detail into the thriller one but all I know is that it would be shot in low quality  black and white and set in the early 60’s either in the streets of New York or Paris that makes it a French speaking film and happen in the course of one night only that involves a chain smoking rookie Private investigator and a beautiful prostitute.


Hopefully if those films are successful. I plan to make my ultimate passion project that is a Science Fiction.

March in French means Mars, meaning that When we talk Mars that tends to relate to space and Martians and that genre is Science Fiction.

So This story would be an epic Science Fiction set in a cyberpunk future where technology reigns supreme. What would involve this story consists of betrayal, Time Travel, Experimenting, Hacking, Love, rise , fall, Virtual reality as the ultimate drug , The heart of Lightness and The Heart of Lightness.


Next I plan to make a Comedy as my 4th feature.

It will focus on a low quality school in the country side of France where every student and every guard and teacher are narrow minded futureless morons. Every boy has the same hairstyle and pace towards their phones and the girls are pathetic bimbos.

One day an entire army of 60’s styled hippies invade the school as the new classmates and residents of the town.


After that I plan to make an Action film in the vain of a John Woo and Gareth Evans.

It would be set in Hong Kong and would be a martial arts flick set in the urban environment that pays homage to the early 70’s and 80’s Chinese action cinema. in which the lead character starts off as a Sheldon Cooper-esque limited nerd and metamorphs into a super badass. No detail on this one yet.


My sixth feature would be a Western.

It wouldn’t be a dialogue driven movie. Instead it would be a very simple Western in which style is over substance. It would be near the Mexican Revolution and shot in Technicolor.


My 7th feature would be a Quirky Romance flick in the vain of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil , Jean Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love in which one man encounters a woman one night and falls madly in love that he ends up having to travel across the world to find her.


My 8th Feature would be an Adventure film set in the Tropical immense humid Jungle.

It would focus on an Aboriginal who awakens in the sea and is washed on an island. There he meets another Aboriginal who is blind and together they embark on a journey across the jungle and discover a huge city which is filled with Aboriginals and vibrates with pure atmospheric techno music.


My 9th film would be a Gangster flick.

The plot would centre around 5 gangsters one each from all 5 continents and pull off heist at a card game. It all goes however and thus survival, betrayal. Who kills whom are right around the corner. The film would be set in Miami in the 80’s.


My 10th film would be a Horror flick.

The plot is a dark and disturbing feature that involves kink. Leather, Homosexuality, The Heart of Darkness it Focuses on a 13 year old boy who gets kidnapped after a picture of his private parts are spread on the internet and tries to escape a dungeon filled with sociopaths, skin headed freaks, rapists and masked killers.

It’s not a pleasant subject but to my point of view with Horror films, they need to have a subject that makes people uncomfortable and unease whether it’s disturbing or scary.

The plot is influenced by the likes of Cruising , Irreversible the video game Manhunt and A Serbian Film.


For My 11th , the genre would be a Fantasy piece.

I don’t have much detail on the title is called Blue hotel in which focuses on one strange night in which a hotel in the midst of the American desert includes some strange customers, like smooth and slick magicians, guitar playing leather jacket wearing heartthrobs, a cartoon character named Pyjama man, A circus woman, a guru , a neon littered maze, greek mythology, a dragon, a dinosaur, men dressed as elephants and an opera show.  It’s Inspired by the work of David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Pedro Almodovar, Jim Jarmusch, Alice in Wonderland,

Federico Fellini, and the music of Chris Isaak.


And Finally my final feature will be a War film centered on WW1 in the trenches during a snowy winter.


If I manage to make all these films before I die I plan to retire and hopefully live my Wife and kids and even grandkids for that matter somewhere in the city rather than in the country side happily ever after.






































I am going to  talk about how  people are represented in movies. The stereotypes that you usually tend to find in features especially in the mainstream business.

Whether it’s racial or sexual there always seems to be a character with a stereotype that in real life doesn’t exactly exist.

Here are some examples.

1: The Sexy Foreigner

Yep some how in movies whenever a character heads t a foreign country outside their own. Usually in America, they always meet that sexy charming foreigner with a smooth accent.

With Men they always get what they want when it comes to sexual orientation thanks to their tone and vibrant presence.

Where as the female seem to be free spirited about love and nudity. And they usually tend to have a tanned skin and shockingly beautiful.( I have been living in 2 countries and that’s not quite the case ) Oh and they are sexually aggressive.


There are multiple films that convey all these

2: The Immigrant convenient store owner

Somehow there is always a foreigner in snack store’s or grocery shops as the owner’s  are either Indian or Chinese. And usually whine and moan and are fairly aggressive in certain manners and rather dim witted.


3: The over the top gay man in movies.


In movies or the mainstream of movies if it’s not a film about homosexuality then in mainstreams movies if action or comedy you may find a gay character who portrays gay men in a way too over the top form in there manners and gestures. It’s a rather offensive factor.

Here are some films that represent gay men in a stereotypical way for good and for the bad.

MV5BMTgxMjQ4NzE5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzkwOTkyMQ@@__V1_SX640_SY720_ Joseph Gordon Levitt’s finest performance as a boy abused and eventually turns into a prostitute. Not a Pleasant movie but a vital one.


movieposter Oscar Winning film starring Sean Penn as Gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

8357536481_52f044ecc2 An Undercover cop is hunting down a serial gay killer , murdering men in the subculture of the gay underworld.


Pedro Almodovar is a director known for his weird sensual psycho sexual storytelling. And Bad Education is certainly one of those features who provides that piece.


My own private Idaho is also one of these movies that talks about the lives of 1 homosexual and the other bisexual.

53096 And There is also Thrillers that deal with homosexuality like Xavier Dolan’s Tom at the Farm.


4: The Neurotic Jew

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because since Woody Allen back in the 70s His character is always chatty, intellectual and very vulnerable


MV5BMjAwODUxMjA0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjIyMzY3Mg@@__V1_SX640_SY720_ A serious man directed by the coen brothers concerns on a jewish family. They are highly intellectual and play all the clichés of any Woody Allen movie.

crimes-and-misdemeanors_19215 Crimes and Misdemeanors is a film by the one and only Woody Allen and concerns about existentialism and features rabbi’s .


5: The Materialistic woman

There is always a posh bimbo hanging around in most American comedies in the modern generation . Where the mall is the best place on earth and a male’s wallet is worth more than his physique and mentality.



Here are a couple of features dealing with materialism with women.

confessions-of-a-shopaholic-01 Confessions of a shopaholic is another film that represents a cliché with materialistic women.

olly-moss-sex-in-the-city1 Sex and the City 2 is a fim extremely well known for it’s posh characters.


7: Everyone in Africa is uncivilised or a warlord .

Yep in Hollywood Africa is not certainly not the greatest continent in the world. There is constant firebullets storming in. Graffiti vandalises the entire streets .And the slums and multiple districts  are packed with Thug like gangsters.


Here are a couple of examples of what kind of film represents  Africa as a crime slum.

District 9_6 District 9 is a science fiction film set in Africa. And the streets are oozing with gangsters and thugs.


8: In Fantasy movies everybody has to be white.

Is there one famous fantasy film in which the main character or (s) are black ?


Whether it’s Harry Potter, Watchmen,Twilight or The Maze Runner. It is extremely rare to find a black person as one of the characters in the movie. And that is a really negative aspect since it’s arguably racist.


  • The Buisness in relation to the stereotype

For all of these stereotypes. Hollywood seem to have it’s limits when it comes to the mainstream cinematic culture. It has changed lately though with a Black President and Women winning oscars ( Kathryn Bigelow first oscar winner in 2010 for The Hurt Locker ) Mainstream is slowly diverting into a positive aspact in human rights. It’s not quite perfect yet though mind you. Director like Michael Bay seem to not understand this concept and The Company’s love the money for good buisness . So if the Audience loves something it is up to the company to provide that instinct and thus making constant repetitive sequels and remakes and giving the same loop of sterotypes.

  • Hegemony

Hegemony according to http://hegemonichollywood.blogspot.co.uk/ is a concept stating that a culturally diverse society can be dominated and ruled by one superior social class.This ruling class can manipulate the societal beliefs, values,thoughts and behaviors so that their views are imposed as the societal norm.This norm is perceived as a valid ideology that benefits everyone. When in fact it benefits the rulling class.

  • Antonio Gramsci


First he was a heavy influence to one of the most controversial Italian directors of the 60’s -70’s  ( Pier Paolo Pasolini)

But he is best known for his theory of Cultural Hegemony , he was one of the most important marxist thinkers of the 21 century and  wrote more than 30 notebooks including 3000 pages he though that cultural hegemony was a means of legitimism of the capital state and was a critique of historical materialism.


Entertaining concept about the industry and how our class were taking notice of facts in movies that we didn’t realise.





Google.co.uk. (2016). javier bardem – Google Search. [online] Available at: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=javier+bardem&safe=strict&biw=1440&bih=783&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjJweTAw9nLAhUB2xoKHa0NDDsQ_AUIBigB#safe=strict&tbm=isch&q=javier+bardem+vicky+christina+barcelona&imgrc=i9aDaXOIc-wJ2M%3A [Accessed 24 Mar. 2016].

















Researching 2 scenes from 2 different movies.

1# Analysing a scene from Uncle Boomnee (2010) or how I can recall his past lives


Directed by Apichatong WheeresatakulA Palme D’or winner at the 2010 Cannes film festival.

The film begins with a moaning cow tied up to a tree in the midst of a humid jungle in Thailand. It is now dusk and the cow has had enough , it wants to escape. The tone and visuals are dreamy and blurry. The Cow heads into the forest.


The Cow walks towards a river and notices something that scares and thus the cow runs away this presence that the cow has noticed is an ape like ghost with red shiny eyes


And thus we have the opening of what is a very strange film indeed. Now Uncle Boomnee is a non linear movie in it’s form of narrative , it is not a movie focused on multiple characters like Crash or Magnolia. It a foreign film about a man dying from kidney failure and heads back to his own hut with his family in the jungle. In the Tropical forest however contains our protagonist’s name is Boomnee  played by Sakda Kaewbuadee and the ghosts from boomnee’s past are all quietly trotting , pacing and wondering around the jungle’s especially at night. It is on one hand a sad little warm story about death but on the other an Asian Disney bedtime story.

  • Semiology

In the opening sequence of Apichatong Weerasethakul  directed film the style and tone is monochrome. Since the film balances between the real and the surreal the opening is a primarily example. Since the film is about the ghosts of our main character living in the woods we are shown an entry of one the beings in the form of an animal discovering one the ghosts. The Audience doesn’t know what it is until we eventually find out later on in the movie.

With the colors of the sequence and the film itself. It is shot in a moody set piece at night time to provide it’s magical fantasy tone to the movie. All the jungle and the green involved representing healing, soothing, contentment, loyalty and a fulfilling peace. And Since our main character Boomnee is dying the film is about the peacefulness of death rather than suffering which is another reason why it’s set in the jungle. That is also another reason why we are feeling dazzled and enchanted rather than feared or scared in the bizarre opening sequence with the cow.

Other semiotics is the Cow . Why ? Because the cow represents a form of humour thus giving a sort of wry comedic sense to the entire film as it starts off with the black cow with horns. Then of course there is the ghost the cow encounters in the jungle. The ghost looks like a soldier dressed in camouflage with light red night vision goggles. Representing the mystery of the movie and what is about to come next the ghost also represents that the jungle in which the cow is running around in , isn’t a normal one.

  • Props

In the opening sequence of the movie the props of the few shots are kept to a minimal. We Have a rope an minor Actor playing a farmer that we barely see dressed with  jeans and is shirtless since it’s set in a humid and extremely hot weather.  We get another character to pose on shot dressed up with a gorilla suit and added with leaves from the trees, then given some red goggles for the eyes.


And Finally there is the cow. The Crew had obviously asked an Thai animal company to hire a black cow with horns for a the weekend or something as the sequence was shot for around 2 to 4 nights.

  • Locations

The Locations in which the opening shot of Uncle Boomnee is in the  Ratchaburi jungle in Thailand using 7 different spots on this location. The sequence was shot at night time seconds before total night or even in the very early hours of the morningrkw-erawanfall4hot-spring

  • Body Language

Uncle Boomnee’s opening and in Whole film itself works on a slow quirky deadpan style especially it’s characters there is no Voice over or a strongly cohesive storyline. The spirits involved are more ice cold than the latter but it’s slow pace proves that some of the characters have been stripped down to their emotions including The Boomnee character. The Cow dosen’t express too much in body language except when it gets lost in the jungle and then moo’s when it meets a ghost. The Ghost stays frozen and us the audience cannot see any expression on it’s face due to the shadows.


  • Genre

Where to begin to discuss gene in a film like Uncle Boonmee. Well it’s mainly a fantasy , it can be argues since it’s about ghosts ,it could be considered a Horror film. But the spirits are non violent. Instead they are a form mystical characters living in a jungle where the real humans cannot encounter. It’s Like Toy Story in the sense that the living cannot identify the fact that the Toys are alive. Whereas here the Thai farmers haven’t realised that their are spirits living in the jungle in a magical world of their own. It’s in fact relevant to the lost boys and Peter Pan. And yet all of these ghosts/Spirits used to living people who knew Uncle Boomnee . And as such the film is telling how Boomnee is on his way to the grave and will soon join the world of the jungle the characters are inhabiting. Their is a strange ending to the Film in which Boomnee’s Family encounter spirits of themselves in another room. But overall Uncle Boomnee is a quiet arthouse Thai Fantasy. With Drama being added thus becoming a sub genre.

  • Expectations.

Uncle Boomnee or how i can recall his past lives is definitely not the mainstream audiences. Those into Action , Total barbaric Anarchy  and where or what can anything go boom, will go boom will not despise this. It’s for the most sophisticated audience and the most patient and those who understand film and love Fellini ,Lynch , Jodorowsky, Cronenberg , Park Chan-Wook or even John Waters will savour this one. Especially if they like atmosphere and ooozy coozy style and often enough style over substance or even Atmosphere over plot. Not for Everyone but Magical if you love weird  have patience and True Cinema.

# 2  Analysing another scene from  THX 1138 ( George Lucas’s First film 1971 )



THX 1138 has lots of similarites to Logan’s Run and The Island. It’s about a dystopian future in which Huma civilisation lives in a vast underground and freedom is outlawed in order to provide medication that controls humans emotions. one man coded THX 1138 stops taking the medications and awakens to a bleak reality. The only brightness is that he has is a fellow inmate in which they fall in love with each other. But Love is also illegal in this godforsaken world in which the technology control the living. The Authorities discover there romance and imprison them . Only THX 1138 manages to escape the jail and eventually flees the underworld that has taken the entire world and thus himself finds himself a source of freedom.

Such is in the images above the final sequence of the film.

Compared to the clichéd storyline we have heard in Logan’s Run, Brave New World and 1984 or later in Brazil , This film has rather an eerie appeal to it’s source. Not much is entirely explained . It’s Linear sure ( and more so than Uncle Boomnee) But there is a cryptic sense of sheer dread covering underneath it’s tone and scenario.


In the Final Sequence . THX 1138 has out run multiple Artificial intelligent guards and gets pursued by 2 more. He eventuall finds a ladder in a huge tunnel that resembles a parking lot.

He climbs up the ladder and the 2 guards do exactly the same and shouting out PLEASE COME BACK THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. 1138 continues and so does the guards eventually. The Guards get a call from the radio saying return to base as the outside world is too dangerous. 1138 spots a bright light within the tunnel and carries on . The Guards cry for  coming back this is your last chance and then decide to go down again. But for 1138 . ( Slightly intimidated) he carries on.

And eventually THX climbs out the immense hatch, finding sanctuary.

Unlike Brazil or 1984 .. This piece of Sci-Fi has a happy ending.

  • Semiology

In the last sequence of the movie. There is nothing but concrete gray with a strong ambient score. We hear loud and clear footsteps being tapped as Robert Duvall’s character is being chased.

And as he climbs the ladder there is only a slow burning score that sounds like a emotional climax that suits the piece. Unlike Star Wars or American Graffiti, Thx is a slow linear piece with long moments during dialogue, every character like Uncle Boomnee have been stripped down to their emotions and THX himself evolves with incresing emotion , but yet again we are assuming this because every creature and body are icy cold to a near maximum degree.

Arguably the semiology of the ending is rather religious.

The Tunnels and hallways and the emptiness of it all with constant gray , black and white , it is clear that the humans are depressed and Duvall is Anxious.

By the end , as we spot the bright light , it represents an innocent from hell ( the  Tunnels of darkness with endless black ) escaping to find Heaven. ( The bright light the audience and THX spots while climbing the ladder. ) as a form of escapism . As The Coir score comes into play it resonates the mutiple innocent humans living in hell. And that one has managed to find pure freedom as we spot the sunrise rising up for the morning . These images represent Beauty has finally killed the beast. As the film starts off in Darkness and hell ( Which most of the movie takes place. ) . It’s also an image of one man finding space and outdoor comfort after constant claustophobia and indoor disclosure.

Bonus : In one sequence of the film there is an image of Hans Memling , Christ Giving his Blessing. (1478) As a form of hope whilst our lead is in despair and having no choice but to take drastic measures for salvation.




  • Props

The entire cast  of the movie ( that includes women ) shaved their heads. So in the final sequence of the movie Robert Duvall had to have his hair clean shaved. All the Humans in the film wear a white

In the movie , most of the human cast wear a white suit with sandles , shirt and trousers. To add it’s chilling portrayal. 6005392986

So When Robert Duvall climbs up the ladder he needs to be shaved and wearing the same white suit. As for the actors playing the robotic police. They needed Baton’s a police helmet , a black suit and a metal plate to cover their face as to mask themselves as the robots.

  • Locations

THX’s Final climb was filmed at Port Hueneme , California with a camera rotation to 90 degrees.  The laddr was exposed reinforced bars on the floor of the tunnel as a ladder.

  • Genre

THX 1138 is a Science Fiction , clear and simple.

Too add secondary genres , It’s tone is so ice cold and the plot is increases to a mystery that it echoes thriller and arguably a little slice of horror. But THX falls in love witht one the characters named LUH 3417. The film has a romantic quality to it’s appeal and Dramatic tragedy.

But the fact it is set a future where humans are imprisoned to a system in which there is no escape. Again like 1984 and Brave New World balancing between Orwell and Huxley. It’s a Future … And a very bleak one indeed.


  • Expectations

THX 1138 is for anyone who loves Science Fiction . Or even those who enjoy a good film. If slightly dated it has a few slow moments here and there. But that is arguably the whole point and George Lucas’s intention. ( Shame he made nothing else later on except for Star Wars )

It’s also for those deeply curious about George Lucas himself if they are heavy admirers. And for those who love futurisitic whitin Cyberpunk and even Steampunk fiction.

  • Body Languages

THX 1138 deals with characters stripped down to their emotions that everything they see or do ,act with a very deadpan style and react with a minimalistic impact.  This  is a very quiet film ,there is no easy way out every corner echoes with the machines working itself together and sometimes when there is complete silence we can slightly hear the wind of a tunnel .And nothing is at it seems which is also why the film is effective in that manner.


In this Week session there is once again a lot of confusion in what work needs to be done and given within the week despite the fact it is very interesting. We discover Editing ( My second time round since i did a slight test last year ) and we even went out and shot some scenes that i was not surprised on what title it was called ….. The Chase a 3rd time i have done some filming with that title.












In this post i am going to talk about the practices in the Media industry.


Freelance media Jobs.

A freelancer is somebody who doesn’t work for one company full time. But is hired by different companies.

  • The Highlights

Whilst being a freelancer you can negotiate with your own rates with the companies who hire you.  You can gain well experiences and have more money you can ask for.

  • The Downsides

There are so many Freelancers currently working out there today . You can’t be just good. You will have to market yourself and make high contacts because either that or no one will hire you.

You will need to manage your own money . You will get a regular paycheque  by month but you will also have to make the tax and the National Insurance. You will have to remember how to keep some of the money.


  • Media Jobs

Head of communications.

The Head of Communications is a position that is both private and public to it’s sectors.

Junior Marketing Analyst

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Design is responsible for creating solutions to have visual impact. It involves listening to clients and understand the needs before making decision.


Media Planning manager.

The job of being a Media planning is to combine the best media for a marketing campaign.

Media Planning involves Targeting- Environment scan-Understanding the audience-Determination of content and Control.

  • Media Employment agencies

An Employment agency is an organization that matches employers to employees into the media system.

Where to find ?

There are numerous media employment agencies in the UK

Career Move group in Farrington road

Pathfinder media recruitment in Wardour

Aspire in New Cavendish.

Starting a limited company.

According to


A limited company is a seperate legal entity and as such , legally, it’s responsible for it’s own actions . To an extent being a private limited company might make you more credible to potential customers, partners or investors.


To become a limited company you need to register online. Alternatively ( for a small fee) an account solictor or agent will certainly do this for you. You need to set up a limited company and provide some info and signatures.




















Before Cinema had any storyline

The movies were just moving images that suddenly developed into mini stories until major box offices.

In 1895 The Lumiere Brothers were just two Magicians who made a plan on their trick. They brought an audience inside a room and screen the very first film all time.

A moving train that shocked the audience . Believing that the Train on the screen was actually moving forward.


And thus was the birth of Cinema.

1902 : The birth of Science Fiction.


In 1902 George Mélies made Voyage dans la lune that was 12 minutes long it was the first film that featured actual special effects.

In 1915 DW Griffth made The Birth of a Nation.


In 1927 One of the great Science Fiction’s and groundbreaking film from the 20’s was released in the form of Metropolis.


And In October 1927 the first film with sound was released in the form of The Jazz Singer starring AL Jonson and directed by Alna Crosland and Gordon Hollingshead


The 1930’s in film

As the cinematic medium was pushing forward and the system was taking more edgier riesks and Hollywood was increasingly booming.

It was also a time when Special effects were evolving. here are a couple of examples from the images below.

LBKKAGL-2  Th Film that terrified it’s audiences from it’s time.

download (1)download (2)download (3)FreaksPoster  Some of the films released in that particular decade were considered highly controversial such as Tod Browning’s Freaks (1932)

There was also one of the game changing pieces of Cinema entitled Gone With the Wind ( 1939 ) that won multiple oscars, including the first African American to win an award withing the movie industry.

The 1940’s in film.

As the 2nd world war ended soon so came a sheer more of other genres and even stronger more risk taking talents such as Billy Wilder, Elia Kazan, Nicolas Ray, Frank Capra, John ford, and John ford.

download (4)3376833CasablancaPoster-Gold (1)

Film Noir a genre created by the War itself was put into the mix of the cinematic medium. was born and Hollywood was reaching it’s Golden Age.

Behind The Scenes In Hollywoodhollywood

Hollywood back in the 1940’s

The 50’s in cinema

Films in the 50’s were without a doubt a very significant era of the medium. It was also the entry of the coming of age genre thanks to the iconic James Dean. There was also a strong wave of foreign films caving in  to the system.



It was also a time when the great significant epic features were being made.


1960’s in Cinema

Also known as the Swinging Sixties as Society was beginning to change in this fever dream like haze with the hippie culture . It was a time when The French new wave was co existing and the same goes for the Italian cinema. As well as the british cinema.



It was a generation when Black and White was suddenly turning into colour and where films were pushing the boundaries into a risk taking qualities.

1970’s in Film.

Ah Yes the 1970’s in cinema where some of the all time classics were created where the likes of Francis Ford Coppola , William Friedkin, John Cassavetes, Nicolas Roeg, a Hippie Martin Scorsese, Brain De Palma, Sidney Lumet , Milos Forman and Roman Polanski were reigning supreme. It was a time when the Birth of the modern blockbuster was created in the form of Star Wars. By Coppola’s little buddy George Lucas.



Technicolor was also turning into Panavision.

1980’s in Film.

After the immense success of Star Wars and Jaws and The Godfather series. Budgets of movies were getting higher and higher. But there was one particular kind of movie that almost destroyed the Hollywood system which was Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate. But It was also the decade in Which the likes of Steven Spielberg , Robert Zemeckis, James Cameron were coming into display. Thanks to some films such as ET , Raiders of the lost ark, Back to the Future, The Terminator and Aliens were all kicking in which created it’s generation.

But the 80’s also oddly enough shared some similarities to the 50’s in it’s coming of age regime. With the John Hughes films like The Breakfast CLub or Ferris Bueller’s Day off.


lost_boysscarface_ver2Blade Runner (Gold) by Krzysztof Domaradzki

1990’s In Film

An Underrated Decade in the movie system. it was arguably a very roaring decade since the likes of ingenious sophisticated talents like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith,Paul Thomas Anderson , David Fincher, Wong Kar Wai were coming into display. It was also a decade particularly known for cult films. So much was happening in the movies back in the 90’s and it is now slowly getting recognised as a solid landmark in film history.

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2000 in Film.

By this time Cinemas were turning VHS and VHS were turning into the still currently DVD’s Technicolor was transforming into digital and thanks to Christopher Nolan . Later that decade was the rise of the Superhero movies.


And Now in the decade of 2010 we are entering into a new age of cinema of the 3D spectacle of Avatar in 2009. More and more movies are being made. So much that John Carpenter says that all you have to do is pick up a phone on your camera and make one. If it’s someone dosen’t approve then make another. As the world of Technology is uprising for the better and for the worst..




-Sound Engineer

  • Sound Assistant ( Assistance )
  • Sound Engineer
  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Designer ( Director of Sound )

How to become one – Give Examples -Tell what they are- Find a Suitable degree or two.

Evaluation: Say how to use this knowledge. Critically evaluate a range of practices and methods.

Sound Engineer

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imagesDVXD6XHQ                                 imagesad0g6vav.jpg

Sound Engineer’s often work independently and works closely with producers or the Directors of Feature films. They take their main concern with recording the sound , manipulating the sound , mixing the sound and reproducing the sound. Whether it’s film or an actual song the sound engineer needs to provide. They can creatively use sound as there own purposes. It’s the same thing for Video games, radio, television, music, electronic products.

How to become a Sound Engineer.

First you will need a good knowledge of music and recording technology. You will also need a fair amount of good knowledge on electronics and physics.

You will need a heavy degree of in sound designing and sound mixing.

Such a Level 2/3 Certificate/Diploma in Sound and Music Technology. A Level £ Diploma in Music Technology and Sound Engineering.

But Audio engineers need good acoustics , computer science. They may need a good level of Maths knowledge for that matter since it’s all pushing buttons and Acknowledging the sound with the mixed tapes they can use. You may need a good degree in the arts since Art requires creativity and such does for the soundtracks you need to record.

You can also build up a sheer amount of experiences throughout these courses like going to community events or DJ projects or going to a hospital or a community radio. And Mixing and recording music in a home studio.

  • Sound Assistant

The Sound Assistants or TV sounds assistants work with Sound Supervisors and the Boom operators to record and catch the best quality sounds in the studios or on any locations]

Sound Assistants have to be able carry out many assembles like sound equipment. setting up sound equipment address public systems and even positioning microphones and getting it’s sound quality right.


In the World of Sound Assistant, The Jobs in TV generally fall into two aspects . There is the production and then there is the post production.

The highs of a Sound Assistant.

Attention ( Extreme Strong attention ) is required.  especially when it comes to detail. You also need an excellent hearing. And be extensively patient and highly reliable. You need good knowledge of it’s requirements and it’s safety legislation and procedures.

The Lows of a Sound Assistant.

Sadly you will have to record the best quality sound in studios or on locations and working very closely with Sound Supervisors and of course Boom operators.

– Boom Operator


With Boom Operators they assist the production sound mixer and they operate the boom microphone. Mostly it is hand held with long arms or even dolly mounted on moving platforms. They position the sound mixers and they can capture the best quality within it’s sound effects moments like with dialogue or even action sequences but just mainly Dialogue.

The Highs of a Boom Operator.

To become a boom operator you will need a basic understanding of electronics and have a good working knowledge of every single sound with it’s recorded equipment.

You will need a really good memory and have a good timing whilst being able to participate into many aspects of the world of sound. You will need to heavily understand how to use a microphone and have extremely good physical stamina , dexterity and agility. You also need to understand. Understand the relevant health and safety issues.

The Lows of a Boom Operator.

The tough part of being a boom operator is positioning the microphones during filming and standing still with the arms often up in the air when a sequence is being shot. It can be clumsy in moments but you have to make sure that microphones do not get into the way of Actors or the cameras. and of course you have to take strong care over the sound equipment.

  • Sound Designer

Those infamous Special Effects you may find in certain films like Spider man or Star wars are all thanks to the sound designer’s. They are responsible for providing sound on screen action. the Designer’s usually work with Sound Editors. So when it comes to big budget special effects movie ( It can happen before the shooting takes place ) The sound editors and Designer’s would come into display.

Now one of the 1st tasks of a sound Designer is to identify 3 different kinds of effects needed like gunshots , someone being punched or an explosive car crash. They sometimes need to find the right kinds of sounds that we cannot provide in reality especially when it comes to Fantasy or Science Fiction. So say for example there is a huge Alien wrecking and freaking out the people in a scary , monstrous sequence. It’s the job of The sound Designer to give a noise of the alien to add into the picture through the editing.

The Way to become a sound designer is to learn about the job , be a rookie or a junior. You have to have a little love over music. And a passion for sounds in TV and Movies. You need to study on where these wonderous moments came from . You will likely start off in a cutting room or in an audio post production facility house. Now once you have the craft you can soon move up to a pristine. Supervising sound editor. then therefore a Sound Designer. And as for qualifications you will at least need a B minus.

The Highs of a Sound Designer .

First and foremost you need a good understanding of acoustics and have a genuine enthusiasm for sound and film. You need an Excellent listening skill and Excellent communication skill.  And Understand the relevant health and safety laws ( just like the Boom Operator ).

The Lows of a Sound Designer.

Well you will be creating sound effects for largely giant explosions or heavy wind. You will need more creative subtle sounds and to enhance mood and feeling. And you will need to provide patients by providing sound post production processing.

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