Film Genres are the type of film , It is the sort of storyline the film is telling us and the audience .

Here are some film Genre examples :

Film Noir :

What is it –

Known as the grandfather of film genre . It is a style that was used back in the 1940’s and 50s and even to some extent the early 60’s.

It is highly influencial and is commonly known for it’s unique style ( hell Film noir is arguably the most stylish genre in the film aspect ). Like the use of Black and White and immense shadows and fog.

Film noir’s themes are mainly anti heroes , hard edged private detectives or men with a gritty history or even cool smart talking journalists. lots of coats and multiple packet of cigarettes in an urban environnement. Often set at night lots of voice over describing every detail on what is going through the protagonist’s mind and what is happening to him with an inch of black humour.


As for the Female Characters… Where to begin. The Women in Film Noir are a quitessential essence to the genre and since Noir focuses more on crime and romance combined. Noir focuses usually on femme fatales in which the women are also in trouble and yet untrusted since often she can double cross it’s male lead and sometimes the male is the little snake who rats out on the woman. In Film Noir when the male flawed characters have something to say in voice over they usually describe the woman of being incredibly beautiful and mysterious. In a nutshell the Women  have a classy coolness to them despite there Actions which is why they are sexy and because they are often dangerous. It’s Danger that attracts the mystery of the unknown which can sometimes be scary ( in horror and thriller mainly ) but also frustratingly sensual and attractive because you can deny it despite itself. It is also why Film Noir is considered a romantic genre as well . So in this case Danger is Sexy.


Also Film Noir usually ends unhappily. it’s a genre where the ending is unclear while we watch during a noir film since it can break the rules of narrative not necessarily breaking the 4th wall but as in it’s slow ( and romantic build up to suspense) Because the situation it’s gritty characters are in. Indicating one way or another somebody is bound to get hurt.

Film Noir usually is set in a Gotham City esque urban near claustrophobic environment mostly set in 1947 or somewhere around that time. lots of isolated alleyways. Jazzy music, and clubs. ( Jean Luc Godard, Michael Mann, Francois Truffaut, Robert Altman, John Cassavets, Brian DePalma and Quentin Tarantino took as an influence in their own movies ) Often in Film Noir there are sudden outburst of extreme unflinching violence and every character has  one way or another a dark side to their aspect.



History of Film Noir –

During the second world war. The term noir was inspired by literature called Hard Boiled. They were crime novels and other mini stories with a title  Tarantino uses called ” Pulp Fiction”  these short stories back then were very popular. Another theme that influenced film noir was German Expressionism and The French poetic realism from the 20’s and even 30s. Because of the amount of exaggerations that were used in each of those aesthetics and Film Noir has a lot of the so called ” Over the Top”.


These set pieces were highly popular back in the 30’s thus American used these ideas and put time into a movie melange. At first  the movies were somewhat loosely based on these factors. But eventually found it’s own style.

The French ended up calling it Noir.

Noir meaning Black . A.K.A. Dark. For it’s bleak portrayal of Human Civilisation despite it’s stylish convention. One of the quintessential Noir’s is A film Called Detour ( 1945 ) by Edgar G. Ulmer. It was banned in Cinemas because the film broke one of the rules in cinemas.

Having a closure.

Detour was in fact one of the first films that had an ending that left the audience in Question.


The Classics of Film noir.



Who populates the Darkness of film noir ? It’s our sinners, This is a fallen world we are in.Goodness here is as rare as natural daylight. The Lawyers are all crooked, The District attorneys are all bent, And The Cops ..Well you wouldn’t even trust them to tell you the time.

A Dame with a past and a Hero with no future. A Formula that is quintessential in the Noir aspect..










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