What they do :

Lighting Technician –

A Lighting Technician set up and operate Lighting equipment in TV and film. They work  across all types of programmes and may cover productions inside studios or outside on location.

untitled lights

Whether it’s a Lighting assistant, or Lighting Technician, Lighting Designer. They are undeniably crucial for a film set because they provide the atmosphere and mood of the film whether it’s a Comedy , Drama , Horror or Sci-Fi. The Lighting team are essential to provide they right lighting colour so that it matches one of the key essence of the movie they are working on.

Lighting Designer-

A Lighting Designer or an LD works with the Director, choreographer, set designer, costume designer and the sound designer. Like the Lighting Technician and Assistant they create  the lighting, the atmosphere , mood piece etc.  they also give the time and day of the production like planning the dates the director wants them to come over and choosing what is needed and also what isn’t needed for certain kinds of lights or even smoke machines. They also take strong notice on safety issues including visibility. making sure that the light is well placed in cases it accidentally breaks. The Light Designer often works with the Stage Manager or Show Control for programming. Sometimes it is possible for a light designer to have a much more somewhat diverse subject matter, because they can be also used for providing the lighting in Rock/pop concerts or commercials ( again ) music videos.

Sound engineers work with Fish bassist Mike Gordon during his sound check at the Filmore on March 18, 2014li6

The Lighting Designer can also provide the artwork for is needed for the mood set pieces and often works with the art designer to give a stunning look at what is needed for the picture, plus with artwork it can often be in black and white . But to colour it all up that is where the Lighting designer comes in to give the vision to the artist. here are some examples on the images below.


Lighting In Theatre-

Also Known as Stage Lighting.

If the director of the play is doing say a really dark play like Macbeth or The Woman in Black. Then the style and lighting is quintessential for the piece. Say for example when Macbeth kills King Duncan , It obviously isn’t a happy moment so what the director needs is a very grim set piece with an atmosphere as gloomy as a morgue. To do that the Lighting team must provide more darker than bright colours. Something in the vain of Neon red since it represents violence. it is that kind of lighting technique that is used for the piece for the play.

imagesEC11MTKB turrell-580_83361a

Lighting in Concerts-

The Lighting in Concerts is pretty similar to Stage lighting in plays. however though it requires the amount of work of placing lighting etc is maximised 10 times more than the latter meaning that because the certain kind of style of music is say Techno or Rock or even Hip hop. a certain kind of lighting is provided for that style. The most hardest is arguably Rock and Electro since so many noises are within the music meaning so much Lighting is involved for each piece of song.


For example in the image above. Here is a live concert from The Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers are known for their unique appeal for lighting by performing hardcore electro. Music and giving a sense of surreal imagery by using strong lighting with a stylistic flour to the piece.

It’s the job of the Lighting team to give a unique visual standard to every single music. The brothers cave in when they perform live. Using Blue, Lots of Green, Yellow and Red and sometimes using other movie footage like the films of David Lynch and John Carpenter to hand in the right atmosphere and adding lots and lots and lots of splashy colours. They make using colours to create humans or human like figure with blue neon dots. Other times they would film a model, with top quality make up and even a unique costume design, then the lighting team would make an Editing process by again adding more colour , not necessarily to the background but on the model they filmed. say like adding more red on her chin or even on her hair with a little smidge of blue on the edge of her ears. So as the technician and the designer listen to one the Brothers’s  song they would add that shot they filmed and put it on the concert screen whilst providing the right time when the chemical brothers put the song on and when they hit the note within the song with the style that matches the model shot as planned. that is when the team click the miniscule shot in the concert in front of the audience. And it carries on  with different shots within the song and carries on and so forth.

How to Become a Lighting Technician –

Number One : You must not have any Vertigo,

Since a lot of the time Lighting Technicians whether it’s a gigantic Concert in which you have to climb up long ladders while holding a strong lighting equipment and attach to a pole of some sorts. Or even with Film , say in if One shot is on top of a huge tower block building just to get the right angle and brightness and colour of the lighting right whether the scene is shot at night or day light ( It entirely depends on the film’s style the director is looking for ).


Number Two : You have to be physically fit. if by any chance you lifting a heavy light equipment and moving them from one place to another then lot of muscles are requires.On the images below are the sort of lighting you will have to lift.


Number Three : Having a heavy knowledge on Electronics, computers and Electrical Systems.

If you ever need to work in the lighting working system you obviously need and require a heavy amount of knowledge on what you are doing with the system because since there are deadlines like when the particular light is needed for a film sequence or a concert date. Time is on the clock and what skills and technique is provided are highly necessarily and deeply needed. Because you will be planning , you will be constantly moving to different locations and often working long hours , especially when it comes to Concerts or working at the Olympics. So knowledge and grades are heavily in duty for this one.

The ways of becoming a lighting technician –

Going into drama on one hand and focus more on the technical level rather than the Acting/Performing level or gaining a practical experience by qualifying yourself as an electrician.

The Ways of becoming a lighting designer –

In a nutshell of becoming a lighting designer it is a bit like being a middle manager, There is a lot of talking, discussing and negotiating to be done with different groups of people in realising your design. You need to see as much Art and Theatre as you can , comparing colour combinations and observing and analysing how painters represent light on the canvas. You need to build many relationships and Watch others do it. It all comes up to luck and build up just like being a film Director.



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