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In this post I will talk about the pilot episode of the British TV series , Life on Mars and how I would remake it.

Life on Mars

TV show Life on Mars.

In a present day when a cop is suddenly knocked unconscious. And awakens in 1973 As an inspector.

Life on Mars sort of plays between the Twilight zone ,The X files and Twin Peaks. But has a style of it’s own.

Life on Mars episode season 1 / A What if……

In the First episode or Prologue of Life on Mars the first shot in car wheel driving along the streets. It is present day Manchester in the United Kingdom, the Weather is terrible .  Enter Inspector Sam Tyler played by John Simm.  is on the hunt of a killer played by Colin Raims in the streets of Manchester.

First I would have to ask permission to film in the city of Manchester with full authorisation. By checking out this site.

In the scene when John Simm has a car accident after an investigation goes slightly dour, he drives this car



In the first couple of scenes I would shoot exactly as where those shots were taking place. Including the arrest of the killer and so forth.

After John Simm has his accident he awakens in the 1970’s and finds a car right next to him.


This is what car I would hire.


These would be the sites in which I would rent these cars.

I would even check out certain other movies to see where to hire certain cars with these sites.

Then I would have to check out the budget for this site

In other scenes in the pilot of Life on Mars there would be police cars in certain scenes so I would try to hire police cars for those scenes with this site.

Then after learning certain policies I would check out this site.

and these sites



I would also need loads of props especially for the investigation scenes. So I would go to this site

At the John Simm’s character has an accident he plays the song Life on Mars by David Bowie on his Ipod.

That is the 1-000-ipod-product.


Then I would have to ask authorisation to shoot the police station sequences in the Manchester police station.

One other important aspect is in the opening shot with the credits of the pilot of Life on Mars the camera is positioned  right in front of the car with a small go pro camera. I would have to buy a go pro camera to grab an authentic shot in the opening.

I would even check any on amazon or ebay

I would also make sure that the go pro is a mountain car go pro.

I would use a steady cam in certain shots like the police station scenes.



A frustrating blog to post that demands hard work but then again film directors do this all the time. I also really like the Pilot of Life on Mars and I would watch the rest of the series.

Shame they made an American remake.